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29 May 2017

Historical Article

Operation Jaywick Commando Raid

Allied Commando Raid on Singapore Harbor 26-27 September 1943

PC Game Review

War the Game

We review Obbe Vermeijs global RTS game

Historical Article

Away All Boarding Parties! Boarders Away!!

The Capture of the U-505

Press Release

They Point the Cannon at You, Lord

A release date and a live stream for Vietnam 65!

iPad Game Review

Shoulder Your Musket and Port Your Pike

Pike and Shot for iPad reviewed

Historical Article

After Dunkirk

The Battle of France June 1940

Historical Article

Enola Gay - the War Ends

The US Strategic Bombing Campaign on Japan, Part 3

Press Release

The Three (Thousand) Musketeers

Pike & Shot is now available on iPad!

Press Release

Get Out of the Trenches!

WW1 will finally get a winner in the first To End All Wars expansion

PC Game Preview

Naval Action Ahoy!

First impressions of this age of sailing ships game from Matthew Flanigan

Latest News

Press Release

World of Warplanes Update 1.7 Has Landed

New German ground attack aircraft enter combat

Press Release

Two Wargame Kickstarters

Two new wargames seek backing, check them out

Press Release

Gettysburg now approaching beta phase

Shenandoah’s long delayed game may be approaching

Press Release

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet Beta

Blazing Griffin announce Distant Star: Revenant Fleet has moved into Beta

Press Release

The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault

Now available on Android

Press Release

Starpoint Gemini 2 Debuts first DLC

‘Secrets of Aethera’, AVAILABLE NOW ON STEAM

Press Release

Pike and Shot Tercio to Salvo announced

First expansion for Slitherine’s early modern game and a call for beta testers

Press Release

Tanks are rolling again!

Battle Academy 2 gets a first expansion focused on the Battle of Kursk!

Press Release

Attila on the Rampage

Total War: ATTILA is now available to purchase at retailers and available for digital download

Press Release

Release Date Set for Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado

Paradox Empire Building Strategy Game Expands Again, New Screens Revealed

Press Release

Paradox Interactive Grand Strategy Comes to GOG

Two digital premieres, six classics total - a wave of grand strategy comes to DRM-free digital distributor with more on the way!

Press Release

Soldiers of the Ostfront

Matrix Games Deal of the Week - Lock 'n Load: Heroes of Stalingrad

Press Release

Offworld Trading Company Early Access Now Available

Economic RTS from Soren Johnson’s Mohawk Games offers a different kind of warfare

Press Release

Make War Not Love 2015

Total War: Rome II and Company of Heroes 2 go head to head in an anti-Valentine’s Day extravaganza

Press Release

Travel to Beautiful Cities: Skylines

Brand New Gameplay Trailer Revealed Today Alongside Pre-order Campaign

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Press Release: The Three (Thousand) Musketeers

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