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23 July 2017

Gone Gold: Guns of Icarus

When steampunk hits your browser, sometimes you get lucky.

Published on 4 NOV 2009 11:26am by Scott Parrino
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Author:  Jim Zabek

Over the last couple of years the steampunk genre has been growing on me.  I don't really seek it out, but it seems that when I run across a good example of it, I quickly get hooked.  Guns of Icarus is an example of this.  Today as I was browsing through my Inbox I found a press release announcing Guns of Icarus was available.  Not knowing what to expect, I clicked the link, started to play, and got immediately hooked.  Simple, fun, and with limited aspects of gameplay for free, (and bargain priced to boot) this seems like an easy call:  it's worth checking out. 

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Players take the helm of a zeppelin full of cargo, fighting off pirates zipping through the air in primitive aircraft.  The fact that a round can be played in a browser in just a few minutes makes it the perfect timekiller for lunch or waiting for a meeting to start.  The added bonus of a multiplayer game means this game may have some legs to it. 

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For the obligatory quote from the developer we present:

“We strongly feel the potential for high quality browser-based 3D games has barely been scratched, especially in the multiplayer realm,” said Austin Lane, Co-Founder of Muse Games. “Guns of Icarus is our first effort to change that.”

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OK, great.  Despite the boilerplate quote it's worth taking a look at.

Try Guns of Icarus for free at or get unlimited access for $8.

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