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28 June 2017

The Wargamer's Tournament: The Wargamer's Tournament: Phase One has begun!

The first Wargamer's Tournament is to determine who is the greatest general of Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear!

Published on 14 JUN 2012 4:01pm by The Wargamer

The Wargamer is hosting a tournament called "The Wargamer's Tournament". The Wargamer's Tournaments are Wargamer staff vs. non-staff tournaments, divided into their own respected conferences. The tournament will climax with a Championship Game between the Non-Staff Conference Champion and the Staff Conference Champion. The winner gets to call himself "The Wargamer's General" until the champion of the next tournament is determined.

This is the first tournament of its kind, and so has been designated as "Phase One". All subsequent tournaments will be named as such (Phase Two, Phase Three, and so on...). The game selected for Phase One is the Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! PC game; which was determined after a two week long voting process within our forums. Several games made the ballot, but only one was voted through. After the voting process came the registrations.

Registrations for the tournament were open for the last two weeks, finally closing on the 13th of June. Now the tournament has begun. Several prizes were offered to those who signed-up from our friends at: Petroyglyph Games, Battlefront, Casemate Publishing, Osprey Publishing, and Tripwire Interactive. We are proud to announce that 5 staff members and 24 non-staff community members have joined the tournament! This, subsequently, will make the Staff Conference much smaller; the staff have much work to do anyhow.

The next step was the scheduling process. The schedule was procured on the 13th of June and had to be constructed carefully to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity at the chance of becoming the reigning Wargamer's General. With 24 non-staff players in one conference, and the mechanics of the chosen game, it was decided to have every player start out in the Qualification Round by playing two other players as both sides (Axis and Russian) in the same scenario. The scenario chosen was "The Gap". Each player will play one opponent as the Axis, and another opponent as the Russians. To determine who would move on to the next round (Round 1) we will rank all of the players by their total combined score for both games. The top 16 scroes of the non-staff will move on to Round 1, while the top 4 scores of the staff will do the same. The full schedule can be found HERE. Tournament rules can be found HERE


A link to the full size image can be found HERE.

The tournament will then turn into a traditional tournament of paired-up opponents based on their seed ranking of the scores from the Qualification Round, similar to that of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. The two paired players will then play two games together, each as the Axis and the Russians, with the player with the greater combined score of the two games moving on to the next round. Round 2 for the non-staff will have 8 players, while Round 3 will have 4 players. After Round 3 in the Non-Staff Conference is the Conference Championship (2 players). The Conference Championship in the Staff Conference is after Round 1 and will also consist of 2 players. The winners of both conference championships will move on to the Championship Tier to determine who is the best general among us.

Along with attaining the title of "The Wargamer's General", the champion will also get prizes offered from our many friends at: Paradox Interactive, Battlefront, Matrix Games,, Iceberg Interactive, HPS Simulation's, and Wastelands Interactive. The full list of the prizes offered to the champion, and to tournament participants, can be found HERE.

Why does The Wargamer's General (Champion) only get prizes, and not the runner-up? Because war is unforgiving. Those who lose on the battlefield shouldn't be showered with gifts.

Who will be the first Wargamer's General? This shall be decided on the battlefield.

I would like to thank, on behalf of The Wargamer team, all of the publishers who helped support our tournament. We couldn't have done it without you!


-Curtis Szmania


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