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23 June 2017

Theme Introduction: The 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War's Northern Virginia Campaign

A series of articles will follow that will be focused on the events that took place during the Northern Virginia Campaign of the American Civil War. From the Second Battle of Bull Run to the Battle of Chantilly, we will be telling you what took place all while reenacting it on the PC and tabletop. While doing so, we may in fact change history.

Published on 27 AUG 2012 1:00am by Curtis Szmania


Theme Introduction

Battle of Cedar Mountain, 9 August 1862.

One hundred and fifty years ago the United States found itself in turmoil. Its southern half had succeeded the year prior and, although the causes for this can be debated amongst scholars for years to come, the country had spiraled into a very long and bloody civil war; where cousin fought cousin, brother fought brother, and father fought son. In the summer of 1862 the United States (by necessity) had come to the realization that they had underestimated the determination of these secessionists. This put the Union in a vary precarious position, searching time-and-again for a general capable enough to face-off against General Lee and the very active Army of Northern Virginia. On 26 June this general became Major General John Pope. Pope, soon after, went on the march, commencing the Northern Virginia Campaign (a.k.a. Second Bull Run Campaign or Pope's Campaign).

We will be detailing some of the battles that took place during this campaign, which transpired between 19 July and 1 September 1862. In addition to this travel back in time, some of us will also be changing history by playing-out these engagements through various wargames; on both the PC and the tabletop. Reviews of products for those interested in this unforgettable conflict will also follow.


Article written by: Curtis Szmania, Editor-in-Chief



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