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23 July 2017

Sunday Screenshots: Tanks! Tanks! Tanks!

This week's Sunday Screenshots is all about the armored beasts of the battlefield: TANKS!

Published on 10 FEB 2013 2:14pm by Wargamer Staff

This week's Sunday Screenshots is all about the glorious and magnificent tank. Created in World War I, the tank has seen a drastic evolution from unreliable clattering of metal at a tortoise pace to the lethal and future-tech kits we see today. There are images and pictures here from a wide variety, enjoy!

First up, we have some wonderful renders from The Lordz Games Studio of the Panzer VIII 'Maus' that will be seen in the upcoming (February 19) DLC for Panzer CorpsGrand Campaign '45 West. 



Next up, more renders from's famous team-based tank game World of Tanks, featuring British tank destroyers released in their latest update: the AT7, AT8, and the AT39 Tortoise.



Here are some amazing real-life photos from Michael C., aka Bootlegger267, sent in via email. Thanks for the wonderful shots Mike! 

 Below is the M60A1 Rise Passive (circa 1980)


These next two are of the M1A1 Grafenwhor FRG (circa 1986) 


Amazing shots!

Continuing on with our glorious tank action, we have a few shots from forum moderator jomni, from his game of Steel Armor: Blaze of War


Above: 2 friendly M60s engage the enemy, one with tracks damaged 


Above: Enemy T-55  

Be sure to check in next Sunday! Next week's Sunday Screenshots will be put up to a vote in our forums and on Twitter and Facebook