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26 May 2017

Editorial: Wargamer is changing

Send us your ideas, shape the future

Published on 10 JUL 2014 9:16am by Nik Gaukroger
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“I still don't know what I was waiting for”

Time, as they say, flies when you’re having fun and I’ve now been with for over a year – and it really does seem to have flown by. One thing that has been on my agenda for some time now is to review the look and feel of the website and forum to see whether it is fit for purpose and delivering what the readers want. Additionally, it would be good to see what can be done to attract ever more visitors to the site – this is one area in which you can never grow too big.



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So, with a year under the belt I have agreed with “The Management” that the site needs to be overhauled and made more up to date, friendlier and relevant. Resources are in place and we just need to agree the direction.

This is where you, the loyal readership come in.

It is all well and good us sitting here and coming up with what we think are wonderful ideas, but they may be a load of rubbish. What we need is your input. This is going to be a fundamental revamp of the whole site so there are no sacred cows – other than we’re going to stay a website that is dedicated to War- and Strategy Games as we always have been. We don’t see any mileage in branching out into other genres – these are well catered for already.

Therefore, please send us your thoughts and ideas. Possible areas that would be good for us to hear about are:

  • Layout of the site
  • Look and feel of the site
  • Type and balance of content
  • Style of content
  • How users of the site interact with it
  • The forum
  • Use of pictures and videos
  • Advertising
  • Content you’d like to see or not see          




“Time may change me; But I can't trace time”

The above isn’t an exhaustive list and anything that crosses your mind relating to the website and/or forum is fair game. We obviously cannot promise that all suggestions can be implemented, some will be contradictory; however, we do guarantee that all will be considered. Please feel free to point us in the direction of examples you think we can learn from.

So drop me a line at with your ideas.