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23 June 2017

First Impressions: Rebels & Redcoats

We take a first look at the boardgame conversion by Hunted Cow

Published on 14 NOV 2014 6:15am by Jean Marciniak
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I was anxious to see and play this game the moment I heard of its existence. A game that is focused on The American Revolution, and inspired by the board game of the same name. It had to be a hit. So here are my first impressions of the game.



Good Looking Map - The map for the scenario I played looked great. It was simple to understand yet had a lot of detail to it. And one important thing - it was easy on the eyes. Some games add so much detail to their in game maps it becomes overload for the eyes. 

Nice Graphics - I really like the graphics for this game. Unit animations look really good, especially when they fire a volley or move from column to line formation. It shows that the developer spent time developing the graphics for this game.



Artificial Unit Values - I mention this in a few other games. Iím not a big fan of artificial unit values for troops. I donít like when my units are represented by a strength value of 20. Why canít they have real troop strength like having 500 men in a regiment, so when I attack an enemy force and inflict 200 losses on them that really immerses me into the game? Attacking that same enemy force and inflicting 4 losses on them Ö takes something away from game.


Overall, Iím really enjoying this game. I look forward to playing it some more and doing a full review of it soon.