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28 June 2017

Industry News: Night of Mans Final Push

Mark H. Walkers Kickstarter for Night of Man finishes today

Published on 31 DEC 2014 4:54am by Nik Gaukroger

A couple of days ago we carried an interview with Mark H. Walker about his new company, Flying Pig Games, and their first game, Night of Man, which is currently on Kickstarter. Well, a new feature has been added to the game as a stretch goal as you can see from the press release we quote below – so check it out. 

Also, the Kickstarter ends today so head on over if you’d like to help Mark bring the game to publication.



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Night of Man Adds Solitaire Option!! 

First off, thanks to everyone who has helped with the Night of Man Kickstarter campaign, whether by pledging or sharing the news, you have helped Night of Man fund. Thank you. 

Today I want to announce a new and exciting stretch goal, solitaire play. I've had a lot of people ask me if Night of Man can be played solitaire. I get it, I do a lot of my gaming solitaire also. It's not that we aren't all social creatures, but rather that I usually find I have more time to game late at night or early in the morning. To whit, when no one is around. Last Monday I started to seriously look into the possibility of Solitaire Night of Man, or SLOM. The good news is that it can be done. The bad news? Well, there really isn't any bad news. The solitaire version will take another deck of cards, and a month or so of additional development, but it will be great fun for the solo gamer. So, please help us reach the solitaire stretch goal. At $14,500 USD is is only $3,000 distant. Certainly something we can do in five more days. 

 Click here to pledge for Night of Man! Thanks. 


Want More Info? 

Night of Man is a card-driven, tactical board game. Set in a post-alien-invasion-of-Earth universe, the squads, heroes, and tanks of Earth's Militia battle against powerful aliens with enhanced power armor, hover tanks, biped robotic tanks, and spider-like robots.   

Gamers have a four card hand and may play a card, sometimes more, in each impulse. The cards activate units to move, fire, assault, and use special powers, such as explosive rounds, telekinesis, and more. Special cards, such as critical hit or bullet storm, can also enhance a unit's attacks. 

Each turn continues until three end turn cards have been drawn. Players then choose one card from their hand to keep, the administrative markers are removed from the board, and a new hand is dealt to each player. The players use that new hand, or the card kept from the previous turn, to bid for initiative in the new turn. And the battle continues. 

I'm asking for your pledge to make this dream come true. Click here to visit the Kickstarter page.