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24 July 2017

American Civil War Fortifications (1) Coastal Brick and Stone Forts

BOOK REVIEW posted on 25 SEP 2006 by Scott Parrino

In Lloyd Sabin's latest book review, he explores the strategic and logistical value of brick and stone forts on the coasts of America during the Civil War in Osprey's American Civil War Fortifications series.


Scud Ballistic Missile and Launch Systems 1955-2005

BOOK REVIEW posted on 24 SEP 2006 by Scott Parrino

Jim Zabek reviews a history of the modern era's "most infamous missile."


Victory By Any Means Campaign Guide

BOOK REVIEW posted on 8 MAR 2006 by Scott Parrino

"Victory By Any Means is a Human Moderated game of interstellar exploration and exploitation. To call it a board game would be slightly misleading. Indeed Victory By Any Means and its predecessors have somewhat more in common with role playing game..."


The Fires of Pride

BOOK REVIEW posted on 23 JUL 2005 by Scott Parrino

"As in the first part, The Fires of Pride combines human interest with detailed and highly believable descriptions of military operations, logistics and engineering."


Nelson – The New Letters

BOOK REVIEW posted on 10 JUL 2005 by Scott Parrino

Al Berke takes a look at the latest edition to the Royal Naval Museum's Nelson Letters Project with some 507 new letters from Nelsons writings edited and prepared in Colin White's Nelson - The New Letters. This title serves as a preview to the additional hundreds of documents that are still being edited, and as a commemoration of the Battle of Trafalgar, which took place just over 200 years ago.


Envy of the Gods

BOOK REVIEW posted on 9 JUL 2005 by Scott Parrino

"...Prevas combines a personal familiarity with the primary historical sources with a personal taste for adventure and desire to see the lands in question first-hand. The product of his works and travel ends up being a combination of historical retelling and travelogue."


A Trio for the Templar

BOOK REVIEW posted on 3 JUL 2005 by Scott Parrino

Mike Dorn gives his impressions on three separate books about the Knights Templar with each book bringing a different spin to coverage on the Knights Templar, and all three offer a wealth of information that assist in the understanding of the Order, though with much different approaches.


Winter Fire

BOOK REVIEW posted on 30 JUN 2005 by Scott Parrino

The Wargamer's Aaron McKenna takes a look at William Trotter's Winter Fire, a book set during the Continuation War of 1941 – 1944 in Finland, following the path of a former orchestral conductor turned unwilling soldier.


Warriors of the Steppe

BOOK REVIEW posted on 12 JUN 2005 by Scott Parrino

A reasonably solid, broad overview of twenty-two centuries of a place whose people have fundamentally shaped the history of Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


Napoleon's Imperial Headquarters

BOOK REVIEW posted on 15 MAY 2005 by Scott Parrino

Colonel Bill reviews two volumes of work that examine the deadliest weapon in Napoleon's vast military arsenal.


Sands of Pride

BOOK REVIEW posted on 14 MAY 2005 by Scott Parrino

John Walsh offers his two cents on Will Trotter's epic novel about the American Civil.


By Order of the President

BOOK REVIEW posted on 15 APR 2005 by Scott Parrino

Mike Dorn reviews W.E.B. Griffin's latest thriller, a modern tale of counterterrorism.


German Armies 1870-71, Volumes 1 & 2

BOOK REVIEW posted on 31 MAR 2005 by Scott Parrino

Colonel Bill reviews a two volume set on the last war where pageantry as well as weapons ruled the battlefields of Europe.


Volkswagen Military Vehicles of the Third Reich

BOOK REVIEW posted on 26 OCT 2004 by Scott Parrino

What do Herbie the Love Bug, the Kubelwagon, and Hitler all have in common? Volkswagen.


Panzer Operations

BOOK REVIEW posted on 3 OCT 2004 by Scott Parrino

"Over the last 20 years I have read many accounts of the fighting on the Eastern Front both as memoirs and as third party histories. Of those accounts I would rate Panzer Operations as one of the best."


The New World of Martin Cortes

BOOK REVIEW posted on 29 AUG 2004 by Scott Parrino

"The author Anna Lanyon is an Australian academic who specialises in Latin America history. In this book she takes us on her journey of discovery as she travels through Spain and Mexico uncovering the history of Cortes and his family."


The D-Day Companion

BOOK REVIEW posted on 21 JUL 2004 by Scott Parrino

"...contains thirteen essays concerning the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944 written by twelve well known British and American historians."


Joshua Chamberlain: The Soldier and the Man

BOOK REVIEW posted on 7 MAY 2004 by Scott Parrino

" an attempt by the author to dig deeply into Chamberlain’s personal life through records, letters, and other resources, as well as personal accounts written by others who knew Chamberlain."


Wellington’s Peninsula Regiments (2) The Light Infantry

BOOK REVIEW posted on 4 MAY 2004 by Scott Parrino

" one of Osprey Publishing’s Men-at-Arms series and the second volume describing the history, organization, uniforms, and equipment of British forces that fought in Portugal, Spain, and southern France from 1808-1814, known as the Peninsular War."


The Black Prince and the Sea Devils

BOOK REVIEW posted on 30 APR 2004 by Scott Parrino

"...tells the story of both one man and the many men who followed him through World War II, and from there into the political wars of peacetime."


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