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24 July 2017

The Glorious Cause

BOOK REVIEW posted on 13 MAR 2003 by Scott Parrino

Jeff Shaara's book is the chronicle of the remainder of the Revolutionary War, as primarily seen through the eyes of George Washington, Nathaniel Greene, Benjamin Franklin, and Charles Cornwallis. Mike Dorn reviews this title in light of Jeff's other works.


Lee at Chattanooga

BOOK REVIEW posted on 19 FEB 2003 by Scott Parrino

" Dennis P. McIntire considers what that great general's presence at the battle would have meant."


GURPS Prime Directive

BOOK REVIEW posted on 6 FEB 2003 by Scott Parrino

"With the release of GURPS Prime Directive, the creators of this alternate Star Trek universe into the GURPS market, introducing their brand of space adventure to a wider range of gamers."


Lost Subs

BOOK REVIEW posted on 16 JAN 2003 by Scott Parrino

"As the name suggests, this quality hardcover book highlights the fate of the sailors and their machines since man first came up with the idea to travel and fight from beneath the seas."


I Served

BOOK REVIEW posted on 11 JAN 2003 by Scott Parrino

"I Served is a personal account of life within the US Army's fledgling long-range patrol organisations operating in Vietnam."


Order of Battle: Allied Ground Forces of Operation Desert Storm

BOOK REVIEW posted on 5 DEC 2002 by Scott Parrino

"I donít think it will spoil the ending if I tell you now that I think Thomas Dinackus has hit the nail on the head and produced a milestone book that will most likely be the definitive source for Operation Desert Storm OOB info for many years to come."


Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War

BOOK REVIEW posted on 16 NOV 2002 by Scott Parrino

" biographical writing at its best. It clearly details the facts of Jesse James's life, and separates them from the mythology that has gained power over time. It also provides deep insight into the many conflicts during a turning-point in American history. Above all, however, it tells an extremely good tale."


Horror in the East

BOOK REVIEW posted on 29 OCT 2002 by Scott Parrino

"Lawrence Rees' fascinating work, Horror in the East, is the culmination of a decade or so of research, travel, inquiry, and interviews, and touches on not only many of the lesser known (or basically unknown) genocidal events attributed to the Japanese Army, but also on the reasons behind them."


U.S. Special Forces

BOOK REVIEW posted on 26 OCT 2002 by Scott Parrino

"U.S. Special Forces was written to enlighten readers about the troops who are bringing the "new war" to the terrorists who strike from the shadows."


Where We Were In Vietnam

BOOK REVIEW posted on 22 OCT 2002 by Scott Parrino

"I would most strongly recommend Where We Where In Vietnam for any veterans or their families desiring to reconnect or reinforce their Vietnam experiences through the places they served. It's the reason the book exists. I believe that anyone with more than a passing interest in the Vietnam War would find Where We Where In Vietnam a valuable reference."


Second Manassas Expedition Guide

BOOK REVIEW posted on 22 SEP 2002 by Scott Parrino

"...TravelBrains is on the right track towards producing an extensive collection of Civil War battlefield tours, combining both a computer multimedia experience with an audio CD (that is meant to be used as part of a walking/driving tour of the battlefield)."


The Normandy Campaign

BOOK REVIEW posted on 20 AUG 2002 by Scott Parrino

"The jaded veterans of many a Usenet flame war would benefit in actually reading a non-partisan account, if for no other reason than to find out just how wrong they have been for so very long. Besides which there is much in the epilogue to serve as a basis for further discussion."


Gettysburg Expedition Guide

BOOK REVIEW posted on 10 AUG 2002 by Scott Parrino

"Whether it is for dedication, the desire to share in the experience in some way, or to understand why events unfolded as they did, visitors journey to the Gettysburg National Military Park. Those wishing for a trusty guide to the field or even to just the battle itself can find no better than TravelBrainís Gettysburg Expedition Guide."


Book Review: Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Volume 5

BOOK REVIEW posted on 28 JUL 2002 by Scott Parrino

"Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Volume 5 collects more than 50 articles that were originally published between 1864 and 1922. The articles cover the entire scope of the conflict, from John Brown's raid and riots in Baltimore to the last days of the Confederate government and Johnston's surrender to Sherman. The volume brings together gripping accounts of battlefield action, portraits of key personalities, as well as the thoughts of generals on the planning and execution of major campaigns."


Ghost Front

BOOK REVIEW posted on 25 JUL 2002 by Scott Parrino

"Charles Whiting...analyses...what came to pass in the months of September thru December 1944, leading to the Western Allies' euphoria over an inevitable German collapse. With the heady victory over the Wehrmacht in western France, not many Allied leaders, and even fewer intelligence chiefs, gave much credence to any thoughts of a German counter-offensive on a tactical level, much less a strategic level."


Fredericksburg Expedition Guide

BOOK REVIEW posted on 23 JUL 2002 by Scott Parrino

This Civil War battlefield guide allows users to experience a full, virtual tour of the battleground on a multimedia CD. An additional audio CD allows users to actually walk the battlefield with a guided tour. Civil War enthusiast Michael Eckenfels examines this multimedia product.


Afghanistan: A Military History From Alexander the Great to the Fall of the Taliban

BOOK REVIEW posted on 21 JUL 2002 by Scott Parrino

"...the best one-volume work on the subject this writer has ever read - and as someone who has written about Afghanistan as a ghostwriting journalist for 24 years, that says a lot."


Desert Skies

BOOK REVIEW posted on 1 JUL 2002 by Scott Parrino

"The author flew in the Persian Gulf as "Ghostrider 6", a company commander of an attack helicopter unit tasked in direct support of the Allied armoured advance. Yet Desert Skies isn't about the "Ghostriders". Instead, it tells the story of the "Champions," a fictional unit involved in the same task."


Shadow Warriors

BOOK REVIEW posted on 28 JUN 2002 by Scott Parrino

Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces offers promise as a historical overview of special operations in the U.S. military, a detailed look at the U.S. Army Special Forces, and an autobiographical look at one of America's most impressive military leaders, chronicling nearly four decades of his first-hand experience with war, special operations, and anti-terrorist action. Read Mario Kroll's review to find out if Tom Clancy's latest non-fiction book tells too little or too much of a story.


March to Glory

BOOK REVIEW posted on 20 JUN 2002 by Scott Parrino

"This 218-page book is not for people beginning to study the Korean War. Neither is it for wargame designers or players looking for information; nothing that happened in that frozen cockpit can be quantified. However, both groups should read this book to get a feel for what those Marines underwent in that horrible chapter of the Forgotten War."