The Wargamer

23 June 2017

The Wargamer and Kalypso Media Contest Winner's Report and Omerta - City of Gangsters Press Event

COMMUNITY NEWS posted on 8 OCT 2012 by Scott Servant

The winner of the Wargamer and Kalypso Media contest, Scott Servant, describes for us his stay in San Francisco and the Omerta - City of Gangsters press event.


The Wargamer's Tournament: Phase One Championship

COMMUNITY NEWS posted on 2 OCT 2012 by Curtis Szmania

Two men took the challenge, and only one took the title. The Non-Staff and Staff conferences have met on the field of battle. Who was victorious? Who will have the honor of being the greatest general among us?


Sponsor A WWII Vet

COMMUNITY NEWS posted on 19 MAY 2010 by Scott Parrino

The National World War II Museum is inviting donations to help pay for WWII Vets to visit the museum's 10th Anniversary of its opening on June 5th.