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23 June 2017

Optimizing Your PC for Best Gaming Performance

HARDWARE DUDES ARTICLE posted on 12 APR 2000 by Scott Parrino

I am not a computer professional, however I do have 15 years of computer and PC gaming experience behind me, and have spent many aggravating hours getting my systems up and running well, and would like to pass this experience on to others who may be having similar problems, or want the most performance out of their system. Of course, please, please, please backup everything before trying this, and I bear no responsibility for any mishaps on your part. If your system is properly setup, then anything I mention here should not cause any problems, or do anything destructive (except if you reformat your hard drive, which you should have your backup anyways).


Win 95 Tune Up

HARDWARE DUDES ARTICLE posted on 1 JAN 1998 by Wargamer Staff

If Windows 95 is crashing and burning on your system while playing today's hardware intensive games, maybe I can shine a little light on some tips that you can do to fine tune your computer. Regardless, it sure couldn't hurt.