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23 July 2017

Empire: Total War - A Grog's Perspective

PC GAME GROGNARD REVIEW posted on 20 APR 2009 by Scott Parrino

Colonel Bill takes a look at Empire: Total War from a particularly Grog perspective and concludes its some of the best Hollywood History you’ll ever play.


Panzer Campaigns 1: Grognard Observations of HPS’ Smolensk ‘41

PC GAME GROGNARD REVIEW posted on 30 MAR 2000 by Scott Parrino

Clearly, Smolensk '41 does a very good job at what it sets out to be: a highly playable, intuitive wargame that simulates the events that occurred around the embattled city of Smolensk during the summer of 1941. Without doubt, Smolensk '41 has the potential to become an outstanding game for both the grognard and the more casual wargamer. Because this is such a rarity, we feel compelled to express the following opinions, so as to help it become a more realistic, yet still highly playable, wargame. Within this article, we will address only changeable problems.


Operational Art of War, The - Grognard Review

PC GAME GROGNARD REVIEW posted on 25 APR 1999 by Scott Parrino

After initially being quite impressed with the The Operational Art of War game system, I noticed certain strange things. The program initially appeared to have the desired depth, sophistication, research, and realism. The Operational Art of War, it would seem, might finally be THE computer wargame for serious wargamers. Maybe to the many casual and obviously unaware players, it still seems that way. I have since found that many of its flawed game concepts need a lot more additional work, even after patch 1.06.