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23 July 2017

Poland Fights Back

VIDEO AAR posted on 20 FEB 2014 by Matthew Flanigan

The third part of Matthew Flanigans LP/AAR of Fall Weiss


Combat Mission: Fortress Italy - Attack on Hill 1234

VIDEO AAR posted on 5 DEC 2012 by Matthew Flanigan

Matthew Flanigan heads to Italy in World War II to do battle with the Germans in the hilly terrain of Sicily. Can he slug it through to rout the Germans?


Scourge of War: Gettysburg - Battle of Antietam

VIDEO AAR posted on 18 SEP 2012 by Matthew Flanigan

Matthew Flanigan gets in Robert E. Lee's saddle and commands the Confederate forces that congregated near Antietam Creek on September 17th, against a more robust Union army. Is he able to maneuver his forces adequately enough to counter thee attacks of his enemy?


Napoleon: Total War - Battle of Borodino

VIDEO AAR posted on 8 SEP 2012 by Neil Sangster

In celebration of its 200th Anniversary, Neil Sangster puts on Napoleon's bicorne and faces off against Russian General Mikhail Kutuzov.


Take Command: 2nd Manassas - Battle of Chantilly (Ox Hill)

VIDEO AAR posted on 5 SEP 2012 by Matthew Flanigan

New writer Matthew Flanigan attempts to hold off a superior Confederate force using a Union rearguard contingent, 150 years after the historical battle took place.