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23 June 2017

Iwo Jima in the Snow

WAR STORY / VETERAN'S STORY posted on 17 APR 2001 by Scott Parrino

“Iwo Jima in the Snow” is one of Gary S. Schofield's most striking and dramatic works. The poignant history, sacrifice and humanity reflect back and shine into our own lives. The detail, lighting, and intensity were created from an assemblage of skills formed from previous challenges. His painting “The Pentagon Full Honors Ceremony” hangs in the Hall of Heroes, the Pentagon. His Portraits include the Prince and Princess of Wales, and Sir Edmund Hillary, and his prints have been presented to visiting World Leaders by Secretaries of Defense Perry, Cohen, and Rumsfeld, and Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Shalicashvili and General Shelton.


Uncle Vince Sinks a British Cruiser

WAR STORY / VETERAN'S STORY posted on 17 FEB 2001 by Scott Parrino

Much to his chagrin and his Irish brother-in-law Jim’s perverse joy, Vince Campbell helped sink a British cruiser in World War II. Unfortunately, Vince was in the American Army at the time, and Britain and America were allies.


2AM February War Story 2000 Winner

WAR STORY / VETERAN'S STORY posted on 28 FEB 2000 by Scott Parrino

A light breeze was blowing from the north as we were walking on the dewy grass in this cold morning of June, opening a trail in the mist from where the combat group was coming, silent in its progression to the rendez-vous point, as if the soldiers were emerging from nowhere.



WAR STORY / VETERAN'S STORY posted on 17 FEB 2000 by Scott Parrino

The best Christmas present I ever received was a ham sandwich. I know that sounds a little strange, but at the time I got it, it demonstrated great caring. We were on our way back in from a rescue operation that had not gone exactly the way we had planned it.


Take Two

WAR STORY / VETERAN'S STORY posted on 17 FEB 2000 by Scott Parrino

Science Fiction about the second war against Iraq. Take Two was originally published in FTL: A Science Fiction Anthology (Impress Books). This article has been reprinted with permission of Impress Books.


January War Story 2000 Winner

WAR STORY / VETERAN'S STORY posted on 31 JAN 2000 by Scott Parrino

When you're in, you're in. They send you to the deploy zone, and they scurry away, not even saying "Good luck" or anything to help ease our uneasiness. I suppose nothin would have helped me anyway. I was only a PFC at the time. I knew we had the Captain around here somewhere, and that eased my tension. "He knows what he's doing, don't be such a damn pussy!" I told myself.


December War Story 1999 Winner

WAR STORY / VETERAN'S STORY posted on 31 DEC 1999 by Scott Parrino

We had gotten our supplies late that morning due to the usual pre-mission confusion when the orders came in, "Everyone make your way to Wine Growers." Named for the men and women who worked there before the fighting, Wine Growers was an extremely large building near the east side of the front lines. My men were ready, organized, and we headed out in a strict line of discipline. I passed Wine Press, a small cluster of short brick fencing, and through the north tip of the Big Woods. Reaching the north end of the huge building, I wasn't sure what to expect.


November War Story 1999 Winner

WAR STORY / VETERAN'S STORY posted on 30 NOV 1999 by Scott Parrino

As co-commander of the 33rd Brigade, I've led many missions, each one with a story. Some I remember as harrowing, frustrating, glorious, or pathetic, among other things. Others are lost in my memory, leaving only vague visions of flanks and assaults, of lead and blood. The only missions I remember as clearly as the day I led them are those that 33B barely won. There is little excitement in a crushing victory; it is the victory that was almost a defeat that gets the adrenaline flowing.


Close Combat Tanks

WAR STORY / VETERAN'S STORY posted on 17 AUG 1996 by Wargamer Staff

The attack was falling apart. The infantry were being slaughtered by the Krauts deployed in the church; it certainly gave a new meaning to the word sanctuary.


War Diary from the Gulf

WAR STORY / VETERAN'S STORY posted on 17 FEB 1995 by Wargamer Staff

Armor Officer's Gulf War diary. This story originally appeared on The Tankers' Wargaming and Military History Homepage. Reproduced with permission.


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