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26 May 2017

Naval Action Ahoy!

PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 27 JAN 2015 by Matthew Flanigan

First impressions of this age of sailing ships game from Matthew Flanigan


Pirates of Black Cove

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 5 AUG 2011 by James Allen

James Allen from raises the skulls and crossbones in search of treasure and fame in the Caribbean in Paradox Interactive's Pirates of Black Cove. Does it become the terror of the high seas or just a land lubber?


Pirates of Black Cove

PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 24 JUL 2011 by Lloyd Sabin

Lloyd Sabin puts on his eye patch to check out Paradox Interactive's upcoming foray into the pirate game genre with the demo of Pirates of Black Cove.


Woody Two-Legs: Attack of the Zombie Pirates

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 7 APR 2011 by James Allen

James Allen from takes the high seas as Woody Two-Legs to defend his island of treasure in an age of sail style tower defense title.


The Native American Warrior

BOOK REVIEW posted on 21 NOV 2010 by Paul Robinson

Written by Chris McNab, a specialist in military history, fighting techniques and weapons technology, The Native American Warrior looks at the fighting techniques of the Native American from 1500 to 1890...


Commander: Conquest of the Americas

SCREENSHOTS FEATURE posted on 15 JUN 2010 by Scott Parrino

We have scored some screnshots and info on the trade system of this upcoming strategy game set during the Age of Sail.


East India Company - Directors Cut And Privateer Add-On

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 24 NOV 2009 by Scott Parrino

A mixed bag is Jim Cobb's assessment of this highly anticipated trading game. Sail into port and get the scuttlebutt here.


Empire: Total War - A Grog's Perspective

PC GAME GROGNARD REVIEW posted on 20 APR 2009 by Scott Parrino

Colonel Bill takes a look at Empire: Total War from a particularly Grog perspective and concludes its some of the best Hollywood History youíll ever play.


New Ship Info for East India Company

DEVELOPER FEATURE posted on 15 JAN 2009 by Scott Parrino

Details on the Schooner and Sloop have been released for the upcoming 17th Century strategy game, East India Company.


New Details For Empire: Total War

DEVELOPER FEATURE posted on 11 DEC 2008 by Scott Parrino

New details have been released on Empire: Total War, including details on the Russian faction and a 3D model of the Mamluks.


Tortuga Ė Two Treasures

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 18 APR 2007 by Scott Parrino

Got a pirate itch that needs to be scratched? Climb aboard Tortuga Ė Two Treasures, matey, and prepare to set sail for a fun adventure.


Scourge of the Seas

BOOK REVIEW posted on 14 APR 2007 by Scott Parrino

"No work of pirates could be considered complete if it didnít explain some of the reasons why piracy was truly a scourge of the seas. But Angus Konstamís makes a contribution in placing the actions of these men in an historical context..."


Age of Empires III Demo

FEATURED DOWNLOAD posted on 7 SEP 2005 by Scott Parrino

The much-heralded Age of Empires series will march on this fall with a new addition, Age of Empires III. Microsoft has released a demo to whet the gaming public's appetities - play it now!


E3 2005: Age of Empires III

PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 2 JUN 2005 by Scott Parrino

With five new ages and an all-new 3D engine, Ensemble's latest historical strategy game is rapidly approaching. Find out what makes this latest RTS tick in our E3 preview.


Sid Meier's Pirates!

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 13 JAN 2005 by Scott Parrino

Sid Meier's 1987 classic has returned to the 21st century, complete with attractive graphics and varied gameplay to romanticize the life of a pirate. Lloyd Sabin examines the results.


Sid Meier's Pirates!

INTERVIEW posted on 27 DEC 2004 by Scott Parrino

A pirate life is the life for me! Famed game developer Sid Meier is interviewed about his newly released Pirates!, the remake of his original 1987 classic.


The New World of Martin Cortes

BOOK REVIEW posted on 29 AUG 2004 by Scott Parrino

"The author Anna Lanyon is an Australian academic who specialises in Latin America history. In this book she takes us on her journey of discovery as she travels through Spain and Mexico uncovering the history of Cortes and his family."



SCREENSHOTS FEATURE posted on 31 MAR 2004 by Scott Parrino

Jeff Vitous introduces this new Age of Sail naval strategy game set for release this summer. Included are eight new screenshots.


No Man's Land

SCREENSHOTS FEATURE posted on 10 JUL 2003 by Scott Parrino

Jeff Vitous introduces this upcoming Early Americas real-time strategy game with an overview and 15 new screenshots.


1503 A.D. - The New World

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 30 MAY 2003 by Scott Parrino

"...borrows from the Sierra city-building games, trading games such as Merchant of Venice and Patrician II, and Microsoft's Age ofÖ series to create a continuous time game that starts out feeling comfortable as an old slipper but tends to become threadbare after a while."