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24 July 2017

Children of the Nile Demo

FEATURED DOWNLOAD posted on 19 NOV 2004 by Scott Parrino

City-building from the creators of Pharaoh, Caesar, and Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom returns in this new 3D strategy game. Try out the single player demo with two scenarios.


Age of Mythology - The Boardgame

BOARD GAME REVIEW posted on 16 SEP 2003 by Scott Parrino

Zeus, the King of Gods, reviews Eagle Games' computer game to board game conversion Age of Mythology. He likes it.


Chariots of War

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 31 JUL 2003 by Scott Parrino

Christopher Budd offers his take on this virtual successor of Legion, Chariots of War. The turn-based strategy game is set during the rise of civilization in the Middle East.



SCREENSHOTS FEATURE posted on 21 JAN 2003 by Scott Parrino

Take a gander at six exclusive new screenshots of this upcoming real-time strategic game set in the Roman Empire.


Nile Empire: War in Heliopolis

BOARD GAME REVIEW posted on 22 NOV 2002 by Scott Parrino

Michael Eckenfels reviews this new D&D D20 module set in ancient Egypt where ancient gods rule an RPG world.


Empire Earth

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 25 MAR 2002 by Scott Parrino

While it may overwhelm casual RTS players, those who are willing to deal with the extra complexity will probably find a rewarding experience.


Civilization III

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 11 JAN 2002 by Scott Parrino

Civilization III remains one of the best strategy titles currently released, but at times it falls short of becoming a wholly addicting gaming experience.


Trade Empires

PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 27 AUG 2001 by Scott Parrino

Trade Empires will provide challenging play over many historical periods. The superb 2D game graphics change according to the era and location. A demo (85 MB) is currently available that includes a tutorial and the Shang Dynasty scenario. In the meantime, we can look forward to fun this Fall (approximately September 17) with Phoenicians.


History of the World

BOARD GAME REVIEW posted on 8 JUL 2001 by Scott Parrino

Six hundred toy soldiers. That is what the buyer will find in Hasbro-Avalon Hill's newest version of the classic History of the World boardgame. For those who have never played any previous versions of the game before, this will be a wonderful treat. People who have older versions of the game will find the Hasbro-Avalon Hill product to be a cleaner, smoother, more fluid game that, while not necessarily better than the previous version, is definitely an enjoyable and valuable variant that breathes new life and new strategies into a much-played favorite.


Call to Power II

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 13 DEC 2000 by Scott Parrino

The right to call a game by the title Civilization sparked rivalries and lawsuits that eventually led to the collapse and acquisition of game companies, the firing, resignation and hiring of new designers and public duels (mostly but not always just in print) between many interested and afflicted parties. Activision was a major player in all of these donnybrooks. Regardless of all that, and no matter what the title printed on the box, Call to Power II IS Civilization - and except for the multi-player bugs and a time-consuming scenario editor - it is Civilization done right.



PC GAME REVIEW posted on 1 DEC 2000 by Scott Parrino

Pharaoh wraps up so many diverse aspects of that society and time period, and does it in a very gorgeous, lush, and fun manner. You get to nurture and build, with an emphasis on enhancing security and quality of life for those who look up to you (leadership).



PC GAME REVIEW posted on 15 AUG 2000 by Scott Parrino

The Cleopatra expansion is a nicely done follow up to Pharaoh. It completes some of the later Pharaoh time periods and includes some features and events from history that are a bit more familiar to the majority of players. Cleopatra adds a few beautiful new monuments, missions, campaigns, and some minor supplements to the Pharaoh game system. It doesn't dramatically alter the graphical user interface or gameplay, so sometimes it may not seem really apparent that one is not playing the standard Pharaoh game.



STRATEGY AND TACTICS ARTICLE posted on 1 DEC 1999 by Scott Parrino

Pharaoh is a great leadership and strategy execution game emphasizing quality-of-life, perpetuation of grandeur through construction of large monuments, and managing a complex city-state system through use of a great business commerce model.


Civilization II Test of Time

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 11 OCT 1999 by Scott Parrino

The whole feel of Test of Time is that it just isnít that substantial an offering and doesnít represent much of a jump forward from Civilization II Multiplayer Gold Edition (unless you canít live without the new graphics). The "World of Midgard" scenario alone is worth recommending Test of Time, but only once you can find it at a discounted price. At full price, it looks like trying to cash in one last time on the Civilization II name, with a haphazard effort.


Raphia 217 BCE

HISTORICAL ARTICLE posted on 5 OCT 1999 by Scott Parrino

Coele-Syria. Following Alexanderís death his empire fragmented among the generals and satraps. Antigonos Monopthalmos came close to re-uniting it. He was opposed by a coalition of other generals which included both Ptolemy I and Seleukos I. Antigonos was defeated and killed by them at the Battle of Ipsos in 301BC. Ptolemy missed the battle but annexed Coele-Syria (roughly modern Lebanon/Israel/Jordan). Seleukos objected but took no action. This was in gratitude for Ptolemyís much earlier help in restoring Seleukos when Antigonos had ejected him from Babylonia. However, Seleukosís descendants made repeated efforts to regain Coele-Syria, which was adjacent to the western Seleukid capital of Antioch. A series of wars over the territory debilitated both empires.


Civilization: Call to Power

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 15 JUN 1999 by Scott Parrino

In summary, Civilization: Call to Power is a worthy successor to a long line of great Civilization titles. Despite its drawbacks in gameplay, I would still recommend this game to anyone who enjoyed other Civilization titles, and to new Civilization players.


Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome Expansion

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 30 APR 1999 by Scott Parrino

The Rise of Rome Expansion adds four new campaigns and many new scenarios. The original twelve civilizations are now complemented by the addition of four more: Carthaginian, Macedonian, Palmyrian, and Roman. The Rise of Rome Expansion adds several new units, bigger maps and different map types, and generally cleans up some loose ends from the original.


Age of Empires

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 30 APR 1999 by Scott Parrino

Age of Empires, with or without The Rise of Rome Expansion, is well worth the money and also very educational. Kids can learn a lot about history from playing this game, and so can their parents. Age of Empires also depicts some of the other instruments of power (IOP): political, economic, and information, as well as the military IOP in the formulation and execution of a civilization's strategy. Although conquest is the typical scenario strategy, there are others which require innovation, resourcefulness, restraint, patience, and ingenuity. Age of Empires may also very well be the only historical strategic empire and conquest game that features a priest as one of its most powerful units.


Battle of Meggido - 1485 BCE

HISTORICAL ARTICLE posted on 23 MAR 1999 by Scott Parrino

The New Kingdom of the Egyptian empire in the year 1485 BCE was at its military height. Under the Pharaoh, Tuthmosis III, the empire would realize some of its greatest conquests. The Battle of Megiddo was fascinating in many respects.


Battle of Qadesh - 1288 BCE

HISTORICAL ARTICLE posted on 2 MAR 1999 by Scott Parrino

The year 1288 BCE brought to a head over twenty years of struggle between the Egyptian Empire and their Northern neighbors the Hittites. On his second campaign, Pharaoh Ramses II found himself in some difficulties when attacking "the deceitful city of Kadesh".