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24 July 2017

What a Difference a Year Makes

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 6 OCT 2014 by Major Erich Swafford MD USAF (ret)

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations - its been a busy year indeed...


Command Modern Air Naval Operations 1.01 Review

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 22 OCT 2013 by Jim Cobb

Jim Cobb reviews this successor to Harpoon using the recently updated v1.01


War Over The Mideast

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 19 JAN 2009 by Scott Parrino

The second game in the Modern Air Power series, War Over The Mideast lets gamers scratch their inner Air Force Officerís itch.


The Yom Kippur War

BOOK REVIEW posted on 28 NOV 2008 by Scott Parrino

At its heart the Yom Kippur War is a tale of one of the most famous and intrepid tank battles in history. Discover why Simon Dunstanís account is the best there is on the subject.


HPS 2 New Titles

INDUSTRY NEWS posted on 6 NOV 2008 by Scott Parrino

HPS has announced two new titles: War Over the Mideast and Spanish Civil War, both John Tiller designs. Get yer details here while they're hot!


Black Berets - The Drive to the Sinai

HISTORICAL ARTICLE posted on 26 AUG 2003 by Scott Parrino

"One of the most powerful tank forces in the world today resides in a tiny portion of the vast part of the world known as the Middle East. It is nestled in the midst of enemies, sworn to destroy any invaders and the country for which they fight."


Middle East '67

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 8 JAN 2002 by Scott Parrino

John Tiller's first entry with his new Modern Campaign series covers the Arab-Israeli conflicts of 1956, 1967 and 1973 using the updated Panzer Campaign series engine.


Divided Ground Scenario

AFTER ACTION REPORT posted on 13 DEC 2001 by Scott Parrino

On the last day of the Yom Kippur War, the Israeli Golani Brigade fought its way to the summit of Mount Hermon overcoming a crack Syrian commando battalion. Greg Borisko re-fought this battle in the Divided Ground scenario, "Uphill all the Way". The result of his effort follows.


Divided Ground: Middle East Conflict (1948-1973)

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 4 SEP 2001 by Scott Parrino

Games undergo strange changes when their odyssey to publication is long. Shortly after the release of East Front II, Talonsoft tantalized us with rumors of a Middle East component to the Campaign Series. Rising Sun, the excellent Pacific War volume, was done instead, followed by a myriad of add-ons and repackaging of the core World War II topics. Somewhere along the way, something disappeared; specifically, the entire original design team from producers on down to most beta testers. Therefore, Divided Ground comes to us as a new topic from a new team using an engine many thought had expired from overuse and lack of veteran staff. The result is a fascinating example of what can go right and go wrong when new people saddle up an old horse on a new racetrack.


Operational Art of War - A Century of Warfare

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 25 JUN 2000 by Scott Parrino

After various gold, platinum, and "game of the year" editions, The Operational Art of War - A Century of Warfare seems to be the all-encompassing complete package. If you have been putting off purchasing any of The Operational Art of War products waiting for this date: rejoice, it has come. If you're missing either The Operational Art of War: Volume 1 (World War II and Korea), or The Operational Art of War: Volume II (modern), resist the lure of the bargain bin editions; this is the one you want. If you are an active play-by-email player, updates to the game engine will require ownership of A Century of Warfare when playing against like-equipped opponents.


Top Military Figures of the Past 1000 Years

HISTORICAL ARTICLE posted on 9 JAN 2000 by Scott Parrino

We recently asked our staff, some game developers, and other well known people in the computer war game hobby to name their top military figures over the past 1000 years. We also invited them to explain their choices in as many or as few words as they see fit, and the results range from one-liners to complete essays.


Last 1000 Years of War in Review

HISTORICAL ARTICLE posted on 26 DEC 1999 by Scott Parrino

Everyone seems bent on a millennium celebration this year. It has been 1000 years since Lief Ericsson discovered the Western Hemisphere, 2000 years since the Christian figurehead Jesus Christ celebrated his 6th birthday (yes, he was born in 7 BCE) and 3000 years since Egyptís 21st dynasty suffered a civil war during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses XI. 4000 years ago, the Hittite Kingdom coalesced from Indo-European tribes, 5000 years ago, Phoenicians settled the Syrian cities of Tyre and Sidon. 6000 years ago saw the dawn of history, the Paleolithic era ending with the settlements of Babylon by the Sumerians and Knossus by ancestral Mycenaeans. Whether you celebrate one of these momentous occasions or a lesser event, it seems a good time to review the last 1000 years as we look forward to the next.


Operational Art of War, Volume II

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 25 AUG 1999 by Scott Parrino

TOAW 2 won't win any converts, as it really is just TOAW 1 moved forward into the modern era. Although there have been some welcome tweaks to the game system, the entire package feels more like a campaign disk than a new game. Of course, if you liked TOAW 1 - and many, many do - you're sure to be pleased by TOAW 2 as well.


Steel Panthers III Brigade Command: 1939-1999

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 8 FEB 1998 by Scott Parrino

Gary Grigsby and Keith Brors, along with a host of programmers, designers and testers have given us even more to enjoy Steel Panthers III Brigade Command: 1939-1999. This one takes up where the others left off with a bang. I personally worked with the Beta testers of Steel Panthers III Brigade Command: 1939-1999 under the direction of Mike Simpson and know that this knowledgeable group put in a lot of hard work and offered great suggestions to make this version the best one yet. I will not name them individually, but be assured they are some of the best on the subject.