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23 July 2017

Tropico 3 Interface Sneak Peek

SCREENSHOTS FEATURE posted on 14 JUL 2009 by Scott Parrino

We've just scored a sneak peek at the interface that will be used in the upcoming banana republic remake, Tropico 3.


Tropico 3 Interview

INTERVIEW posted on 4 JUN 2009 by Scott Parrino

In an interview with its publisher, the developers of Tropico 3 share some insight into what they're working on for this remake of a classic, and some of the new features players will get to enjoy.


Evil Genius

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 12 NOV 2004 by Scott Parrino

The Brits at Elixir Studios have created this tongue-in-cheek homage to '60s spy chic. It's funny, but how does it play? Aaron McKenna fields the question.


City of Heroes

INTERVIEW posted on 22 OCT 2004 by Scott Parrino

The Wargamer recently caught up with Jack Emmert, lead superhero for the award-winning MMORPG, City of Heroes.


City of Heroes

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 14 OCT 2004 by Scott Parrino

Chris Massey dons bright red tights and does some heavy bashing in order to bring The Wargamer’s readers an in-depth review of this fresh online role-playing game.


No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.'s Way

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 25 NOV 2002 by Scott Parrino

"Arriving just in time for the Christmas gaming fiesta, Cate Archer is once again storming the PC gaming world with guns blazing, perfume blasting, and one-liners intact. Is the sequel as brilliant as the original, or is it just more of the same tied with a nice suede bow?"


GenCon 2001 Coverage: Image Gallery

EVENT COVERAGE posted on 20 AUG 2001 by Scott Parrino

During our working vacation to one of the Midwest's most popular gaming convention, our Wargamer correspondents happened across many examples of people who are the reason that GenCon is also affectionately known as 'FreakFest'. These exuberant personalities are so emotionally involved in the spirit of GenCon that they feel the need to don costumes and personas that might make them stand out at your local public library, but somehow make for some very creative camouflage amongst the throngs at GenCon.



PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 1 JAN 2001 by Scott Parrino

In simple terms, Tropico is a nearly perfect blend of all the great elements of every city and empire building simulation I've played. Fans of Caesar, Pharaoh, Zeus, Sim City, Railroad Tycoon, The Sims, and many others, will feel immediately at home. Although, as with most of the games above, the player is cast in the role of supreme ruler, one does not have direct control over the population. Instead, your wishes are restricted to construction and land development decisions, salary and hiring decisions, and the general setting of policies and execution of edicts (arresting troublemakers or political opponents, assassinations, declaring political orientation and policies, enacting martial law, allowing the Pope to visit, and so forth).


Worms Armageddon

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 20 AUG 1999 by Scott Parrino

Worms Armageddon pits teams of anthropomorphic worms against one another in a quest to survive. It is a two-dimensional turn-based game which can last from ten minutes to an hour depending on the number and skill of the players. The players get a chance to use weapons or utilities to kill the other teams' worms (and hopefully not their own) with sometimes comic results. This is definitely not a game with a serious attitude, except to those persons I lost against on the Wormnet, and perhaps to friends or enemies that one defeats. Worms Armageddon is a cartoon-like game with a very twisted attitude. The graphics are not realistic at all, but that helps to create the comedic value of the game