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24 July 2017

Road To Empire

PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 28 OCT 2014 by James Tanaleon

Crusader Kings II: Charlemagne reviewed by James Tanaleon


Da Vincis Art of War

IPAD GAME REVIEW posted on 11 APR 2014 by Richard Talbot

Slitherines iPad conversion of Magnifico


Preview Great Battles: Medieval for iOS and Android

FIRST IMPRESSIONS posted on 19 JUN 2013 by Nik Gaukroger

Nik Gaukroger checks out a preview of the iOS and Android versions of Slitherines Hundred Years War game and gives his first impressions.


Lionheart: Kings' Crusade

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 2 JAN 2012 by Curtis Szmania

Curtis Szmania travels to the Middle Ages during the time of the Crusades to decide if this real-time strategy is worthy to carry the banner of victors.


Stronghold 3

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 27 OCT 2011 by James Allen

James Allen from mans the walls in this strategic defense game that challenges both militaristic and economic minds. Does it stand strong or crumble?


Scottish Renaissance Armies 1513-1550

BOOK REVIEW posted on 13 NOV 2010 by Paul Robinson

"Mr Cooper has done an excellent job in covering the subject matter in such a necessarily short volume, despite the short chronological span this was a period of great change in the armies of the Scotland."


Field of Glory Gets Medieval On PCs

INDUSTRY NEWS posted on 22 APR 2010 by Scott Parrino

The conversion of the tabletop miniatures game has moved from ancients to medieval, and gamers will now be able to enjoy battles between 1300 and 1500 AD.


Aevum Obscurum Available For iPhone

FEATURED DOWNLOAD posted on 16 JUN 2009 by Scott Parrino

The turn-based strategy game is now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch, in addition to java-enabled browsers.


Mount & Blade Multiplayer Details

DEVELOPER FEATURE posted on 28 MAR 2009 by Scott Parrino

Taleworlds has released details about their upcoming expansion to Mount & Blade - Warband. A new video featuring a presentation of those details and a download of in-game footage have also been released.


Takeda 3 Release Date Confirmed

PRESS RELEASE posted on 16 FEB 2009 by Scott Parrino

Magitech has confirmed a release date for the upcoming Sengoku Jidai game, Takeda 3.


Interview With Sicilian Vespers

INTERVIEW posted on 16 FEB 2009 by Scott Parrino

The Wargamer's Lloyd Sabin recently chatted with Medieval 2: Total War modder, Sicilian Vespers.


British Forts in the Age of Arthur

BOOK REVIEW posted on 5 JAN 2009 by Scott Parrino

The quest for historical proof of King Arthur, like the quest for the Holy Grail itself, seems as perennial as it is elusive. But it is also entertaining, and, in the case of Angus Konstamís latest work, great military history, too.


Empires of Steel

AFTER ACTION REPORT posted on 20 JUN 2008 by Scott Parrino

Battlefront recently announced it will publish Empires of Steel next year. As anticipation builds, Jim Cobb recently sat down with Brit Clousing, the one-man-show behind Atomicboy Software, to gain more insight into the game.


Great Invasions Interview with The Wargamer

INTERVIEW posted on 5 MAR 2007 by Scott Parrino

The Wargamer's editor-in-chief, Jim Zabek, sits down with the creators of Great Invasions to talk about the unique challenges facing the creation of a strategy game that takes place during one of the most tumultuous periods of European history.


Medieval 2: Total War

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 24 DEC 2006 by Scott Parrino

Is the sequel to Rome: Total War as pious as its predecessors or a blasphemous knock-off? Lloyd Sabin holds an inquisition of his own to find out.


Warrior Knights

BOARD GAME REVIEW posted on 25 OCT 2006 by Brant Guillory

The king is dead! Summon the knights and sally forth to claim the throne in Fantasy Flight Games' board game Warrior Knights. Brant Guillory tries his hand at Medieval power politics in his latest review.


Medieval 2: Total War First Impressions

PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 15 OCT 2006 by Scott Parrino

Sean Drummy gets a hands-on look at the highly anticipated sequel to Rome: Total War. Is the next incarnation of the real time/turn based strategy blend all graphics and no gameplay? Read on to get some first impressions of Medieval 2: Total War.


Europa Universalis III

PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 15 SEP 2006 by Scott Parrino

Recently The Wargamer was invited to Paradox Interactive's New York office to meet the lead designer and creator of the Europa Universalis franchise, Johan Andersson. Read how this latest game is coming along.


Stronghold Legends

PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 13 SEP 2006 by Scott Parrino

Chris Caran takes a sneak peak at Stronghold Legends, the latest addition to the venerable Stronghold series. Gallop through history as Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table or stampede across it as Vlad the Impaler in this mythical/historical real time strategy blend.


Diplomacy in Medieval II: Total War

DEVELOPER FEATURE posted on 21 JUL 2006 by Scott Parrino

Creative Assembly's introduces one of the major new features, diplomacy, in their upcoming strategy sequel, Medieval II: Total War.