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24 July 2017

Wings of Glory

MINIATURES REVIEW posted on 3 APR 2014 by Richard Martin

New Airplane Packs Review


Assault from the Sky

BOOK REVIEW posted on 30 JAN 2014 by Paul Robinson

An account of US Marine Corps helicopter operations in Vietnam reviewed


Command Modern Air Naval Operations 1.01 Review

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 22 OCT 2013 by Jim Cobb

Jim Cobb reviews this successor to Harpoon using the recently updated v1.01


Operation Market Garden Game Maps

SCREENSHOTS FEATURE posted on 9 SEP 2013 by Wargamer Staff

Battlefront claim you can: Walk the "Market Garden" battlefield like never before!


IOS Game Review - Breach & Clear

IPAD GAME REVIEW posted on 5 AUG 2013 by Jean Marciniak

New contributor Jean Marciniak reviews Breach & Clear for The Wargamer.


Sid Meiers Ace Patrol

IPAD GAME REVIEW posted on 30 JUL 2013 by Jim Cobb

Review of iPad game by Jim Cobb


Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941 AAR

AFTER ACTION REPORT posted on 25 JUL 2013 by Wargamer Staff

AAR of this new game from one of the beta testers


Allied Corps : Kasserine Pass

AFTER ACTION REPORT posted on 3 JUN 2013 by Christian Bassani

Dustin Bond plays Allied Corps, the spiritual successor to Allied General, coming June 6th!


Panzer Corps Grand Campaign '45 East

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 22 SEP 2012 by Al Berke

Al Berke is on the defensive as he shares with us his experience with the latest DLC of Panzer Corps featuring the final months of the Third Reich, on the Eastern Front.


Time of Fury - Gotterdammerung Campaign

AFTER ACTION REPORT posted on 6 FEB 2012 by John Thompson

John Thompson takes on the role of Supreme Headquarters for the Allied Expeditionary Force as they take on the Axis forces in April of 1944. How fast can he secure victory in Europe?


Naval Campaigns: Midway

AFTER ACTION REPORT posted on 5 JAN 2012 by Al Berke

Al Berke challenges the Japanese Fleet as the US during the pivotal battle of Midway in 1942.


Commander: Europe at War Grand Strategy 2.0

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 22 AUG 2011 by Chris Mohon

Tag along with Chris Steelgrave Mohon as he takes a look at Commander: Europe at War Grand Strategy 2.0 and dusts off some memories.


War in the East - Road to Minsk

AFTER ACTION REPORT posted on 24 FEB 2011 by James Cobb

Jim Cobb takes on the Russian army in his latest AAR of Gary Grigsby's War in the East and learns that even at the start of Operation Barbarossa, the Russians were not entirely defenseless.


Distant Worlds - Return of the Shakturi

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 23 FEB 2011 by COL Bill Gray

Colonel Bill heads into cybertronic hyperspace to find a cure for his galactic inner self, and returns not only well nourished and renewed, but damned impressed as well.


Norm Kogers The Operational Art of War III Mega-Update

DEVELOPER FEATURE posted on 13 FEB 2011 by Wargamer Staff

The TOAD team adds some remarks on their newly-released mega update for The Operational Art of War III.


War in the East

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 22 JAN 2011 by James Cobb

James Cobb heads over to the Eastern Front to tackle Gary Grigsby's War in the East, the latest turn-based monster by 2by3 Games that gives players a chance to command either the Germans or Russians to victory in World War II.


Close Combat Remakes

INTERVIEW posted on 1 DEC 2010 by Scott Parrino

Scott Parrino gets to ask two of the men behind the Close Combat remakes, project lead/main artist Jim Martin and programmer Steve McClaire, questions about the Close Combat series itself as well as future plans.


First Look: Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem

EDITORIAL posted on 22 NOV 2010 by Scott Parrino

What do you get when you take the strategy classic Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far and bring it up to modern spec with a load of new features? You get a timeless classic that not only retains its nostalgic taste but has been turned into a completely new monster. That monsterís name is Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem.


At Leningrad's Gates

BOOK REVIEW posted on 19 NOV 2010 by Paul Robinson

This book by the co-authors William Lubbeck and David B Hurt, covers the wartime record of Lubbeck, who went from Private to Company Commander during his wartime service, mostly on the Russian Front.



BOOK REVIEW posted on 10 NOV 2010 by Paul Robinson

"...this book describes the operations of the Hungarian and German armies against the onslaught of the Russian and their (recently gained) Romanian allies between September and November 1944, as they advanced from Romania into Hungary."