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23 July 2017

Silent Otto Kretschmer

HISTORICAL ARTICLE posted on 5 JAN 2015 by John Dudek

WWIIs highest scoring U-boat ace


U-Boat Leader

BOARD GAME REVIEW posted on 27 SEP 2012 by Scott Udell

Scott Udell dissects Dan Verssen Games' solitaire portrayal of the battle for the North Atlantic. Does it inflict the "just one more turn" syndrome, or does it sink to the bottom?


Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 13 OCT 2011 by Curtis Szmania

Curtis Szmania dives down below the surface of the Atlantic to take on Ubisoft's premier U-boat simulator. Does this latest installment join the Wolfpack or sink to the ocean floor?


Wolves vs. Wolves

AFTER ACTION REPORT posted on 31 OCT 2010 by Wargamer Staff

With Soviet submarines on their way to the open Atlantic, NATO commander Adam Nagao tries his hand at sending these boomers to the bottom of the English Channel!


Nordic Revenge

AFTER ACTION REPORT posted on 30 OCT 2010 by Wargamer Staff

A routine transit mission from St. Petersburg to Kiel heats the Cold War right up to red hot with this Harpoon - Ultimate Edition AAR.


First Moves

AFTER ACTION REPORT posted on 27 OCT 2010 by Wargamer Staff

NATO and the Warsaw Pact collide off the coast of Norway in this AAR for Harpoon - Ultimate Edition.


Harpoon - Commander's Edition

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 17 NOV 2008 by Scott Parrino

Last call for a classic! A standard bearer gets one last reconstitution before sailing into the annals of gaming history.


Pacific Storm: Allies

PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 20 JAN 2008 by Scott Parrino

Sean Drummy gets his hands on a preview build of CDV’s and Lesta’s hotly anticipated sequel to Pacific Storm, entitled Pacific Storm: Allies. Plenty of new features and improvements are headed to port, building off of the success of the original Pacific Storm. Read on to see what digital fighter aces and virtual admirals have in store for early 2008.


On Board #11

EDITORIAL posted on 27 OCT 2007 by Scott Parrino

In his latest column, Pete Gade chats with Chris Janiec, designer of the upcoming operational strategy game PQ-17. Jump in the (icy) water with these two as they discuss the gameplay and history behind this new title.


Harpoon Advanced Naval Warfare

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 11 AUG 2007 by Scott Parrino

Find out why The Wargamer’s Kent Laukhuf says, “If you are looking for the most realistic naval warfare simulation available, pick up Harpoon Advanced Naval Warfare v.3.8.”


Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 9 JUN 2007 by Scott Parrino

When released Silent Hunter 4 was buggy and disappointing, but after two patches it has seen a lot of improvement. Oleg Mastruko shares his thoughts on just how far the game has come.


Silent War: The United States’ Submarine Campaign Against Imperial Japan, 1941-1945

BOARD GAME REVIEW posted on 6 DEC 2006 by Scott Parrino

"For what is essentially a start-up company in the world of wargaming, Compass Games’ has torpedoed the long standing publishers with the production qualities of Silent War. Featuring hundreds of gorgeous counters, full color play aids, and a beautiful map Silent War is a game that won’t make a purchaser wonder what exactly their hard-earned cash went to."


Carriers at War

SCREENSHOTS FEATURE posted on 22 OCT 2006 by Scott Parrino

Grab the magnifying glass and a strong cup of coffee. Top secret photos of Matrix Games' remake of Carriers at War have just been faxed in and they're ready for analysis. Head in to the briefing room for a first look at this highly anticipated naval combat title.


Enigma: Rising Tide

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 27 MAY 2003 by Scott Parrino

Jim Cobb reviews this interesting take on sub and surface ship warfare set in an alternate history of World War II.


Behind the LInes #5

EDITORIAL posted on 24 MAY 2003 by Scott Parrino

In his regular editorial installment, Behind the Lines, Jim Cobb offers news and commentary on war and strategy game community and industry happenings.


Lost Subs

BOOK REVIEW posted on 16 JAN 2003 by Scott Parrino

"As the name suggests, this quality hardcover book highlights the fate of the sailors and their machines since man first came up with the idea to travel and fight from beneath the seas."


Sub Command

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 5 FEB 2002 by Scott Parrino

The real brilliance in game interface design lies in the fact that Sub Command is indeed three different submarine simulations rolled into one game, with essentially common control functionality.


Silent Hunter II

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 29 JAN 2002 by Scott Parrino

The smooth gameplay and the thoroughly absorbing atmosphere, set up by the sound and stunning graphics, make it a wonderful game to play. Yet it is let down by an unimaginative campaign mode and a lack of a multiplayer function.


Silent Hunter II

PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 4 NOV 2001 by Scott Parrino

My feel is that players will get a lot out of Silent Hunter II. There are numerous missions to get through in the campaign and the ability to create almost endless variations to the single missions will provide good replay value. As with any preview, it isn't possible to know exactly how the final product will turn out. One of the things I would really like to have previewed is the multi-player option. And I'm also very excited to see how Silent Hunter II interfaces with Destroyer Command. The opportunity to link with a friend who has Destroyer Command would only further enhance the excitement and replay value of the game as players recreate the often unnoticed and often deadly battles of the North Atlantic or other theatres such as the Mediterranean or Caribbean.


Battle Isle - The Andosia War

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 12 MAR 2001 by Scott Parrino

Battle Isle - The Andosia War is an interesting mix of turn-based tactical combat and real-time strategy (RTS) that offers an ultimately satisfying series of bloody slugfests for those gamers patient enough to work through multiple patches and scanty documentation.