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23 July 2017

Napoleon: Total War - Battle of Borodino

VIDEO AAR posted on 8 SEP 2012 by Neil Sangster

In celebration of its 200th Anniversary, Neil Sangster puts on Napoleon's bicorne and faces off against Russian General Mikhail Kutuzov.


Empire Earth

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 25 MAR 2002 by Scott Parrino

While it may overwhelm casual RTS players, those who are willing to deal with the extra complexity will probably find a rewarding experience.


Napoleon’s Russian Campaign

PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 14 APR 2001 by Scott Parrino

I believe this game will be an outstanding addition to the wargamer interested in Napoleonic warfare. Rarely does a game come along that makes me want to re-familiarize myself on a subject… usually it’s the other way around. In my opinion, Napoleon’s Russian Campaign is such a game. And what’s more, we are likely to see several more of these Campaign Series of Napoleonic Battles created, with wargamers gleefully picking them up. The only question I have is: "…How come this wasn’t done sooner?!"