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24 July 2017

Rome Total War: Alexander

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 11 AUG 2006 by Scott Parrino

Lloyd Sabin offers his thoughts on the latest installation to the long-standing Total War series, Rome Total War: Alexander. Is conquering the ancient world with 3D graphics really as much fun as it sounds? Lloyd puts this highly anticipated real time strategy/turn-based blend to the test to find out.



PC GAME REVIEW posted on 17 FEB 2005 by Scott Parrino

The Wargamer's long overdue review of Slitherine's Spartan has finally arrived. John Walsh offers his opinion on this ancient civilization wargame.


Just Play Spartan!

CONTEST posted on 24 MAR 2004 by Scott Parrino

Just Play, Slitherine Studios, and The Wargamer have teamed up to offer our readers a chance to win one of twenty (20!) copies of the new strategy game Spartan. Ends soon!


Great Battles - Lyginus

CONTEST posted on 14 APR 2003 by Scott Parrino

The Wargamer and artist Gary Schofield have once again teamed up to bring fans of the venerable Great Battles wargame a chance to win some high-valued artwork. Follow the links to find out the full details.


Great Battles: Cynoscephalae

CONTEST posted on 17 JUN 2002 by Scott Parrino

After a year on hiatus, The Wargamer's Great Battles Tournament is back and better than ever! The battlefield is Cynoscephalae, 197 BCE. Philip V of Macedon leads the once-vaunted phalanx against a Roman legion under the command of Flaminius. The winner of the tournament will receive a limited edition full-sized print of a Gary Schofield painting valued at $145.


Xenophon's March

BOOK REVIEW posted on 10 APR 2002 by Scott Parrino

Jim Cobb analyzes this retelling of Xenophon's Anabasis by John Prevas. Unfortunately, he finds this summarization woefully inadequate.


50 Battles That Changed the World

BOOK REVIEW posted on 26 MAR 2002 by Scott Parrino

...aims to place some of the more significant historical battles into a historical context suitable for use as a basis for further exploration of the topics covered by history and military buffs.


Battle of Thymbra - 547 BCE

HISTORICAL ARTICLE posted on 24 NOV 1998 by Scott Parrino

547 BCE. Cyrus the Great was continuing the consolidation of what was to become the Persian Empire when he was opposed by the Lydian king Croesus. Cyrus had an unprecedented string of military and diplomatic victories, securing much of what is now Iran. Only Nebuchadnezzar’s engineers, who have fortified Babylon beyond the means of easy conquest, prevented the entire region from falling under Cyrus’ control.