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24 July 2017

50 Battles That Changed the World

BOOK REVIEW posted on 26 MAR 2002 by Scott Parrino

...aims to place some of the more significant historical battles into a historical context suitable for use as a basis for further exploration of the topics covered by history and military buffs.


The Battle of Tippecanoe

HISTORICAL ARTICLE posted on 21 JUL 2001 by Scott Parrino

The War of 1812 had many causes, among them the support of American Indian tribes by the British government. This relationship began during the Seven Years War, when England defeated French and Indian forces, claiming territory from Quebec to the Mississippi. The Indians were accustomed to receiving gifts and tribute from the French settlers, a practice ended by England. In 1763, the Ottawa chief, Pontiac, led a rebellion that overran eight British forts in the Midwest and Great Lakes region. The rising cost of occupation came to the attention of Parliament, which then decided that American colonists should bear the brunt of this expense and sharply raised taxes. This in turn contributed to the American Revolution of 1776.


War of 1812, The

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 15 JUL 2001 by Scott Parrino

With The War of 1812 - The Conquest of Canada, John Tiller again brings us interesting battles off the beaten path of wargaming. Single-phase turns will be a boon to PBEM gamers (this addition has been retrofitted to 1776). Tiller's track record is fantastic; this game will only get better over time. Already, several patches have been released, in addition to new campaigns and scenarios. Students of the war will recognize The War of 1812 suffers as a simulation, but excels as an enjoyable, multiplayer game. Tiller has never been one to bow to the demands of the lunatic fringe, but he doesn't ignore them either, adding features as time and design allows. In the meantime, the game is fun and accessible to many; how many games about an obscure war can you say that about?


Interview with BoKu Strategy Games' David Erickson

INTERVIEW posted on 6 MAR 2001 by Scott Parrino

With the announcement of two new games, BoKu Strategy Games' David Erickson is a busy man these days. We would like to thank Mr. Erickson and Richard Arnesen of Shrapnel Games for taking a few minutes to answer some questions regarding these upcoming projects. Fans of 18th Century warfare, rejoice!


Age of Sail II

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 28 FEB 2001 by Scott Parrino

Despite some problems, Age of Sail II has the potential to be a truly superb fighting sail wargame and the preponderance of this review details some of the very special innovations that appear in this game. Age of Sail II forges boldly into areas no one has yet attempted for a game of this genre; the graphics are breathtaking and actual play in the game is very rewarding to the devoted fan of nautical fiction from the tall ships era.


Age of Sail II Interview

INTERVIEW posted on 14 JAN 2001 by Scott Parrino

Age of Sail II is the upcoming sequel to Talonsoft's game set in the wooden ships era. Sergei Belistov of developer Akella took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions posed by The Wargamer's Warfare in the Age of Sail editorial staff.



PC GAME PREVIEW posted on 1 DEC 2000 by Scott Parrino

Battalia is not a game that simulates a single battle or campaign but is an entirely new game system capable of modelling any number of historical conflicts from a broad swathe of history. Simply put Battalia is intended to be capable of representing any conflict from the end of "Pike and Shot" to the introduction of the machine gun. This means that anything from the Seven Years War to the Franco-Prussian war is within reach of this simulation.


Top Military Figures of the Past 1000 Years

HISTORICAL ARTICLE posted on 9 JAN 2000 by Scott Parrino

We recently asked our staff, some game developers, and other well known people in the computer war game hobby to name their top military figures over the past 1000 years. We also invited them to explain their choices in as many or as few words as they see fit, and the results range from one-liners to complete essays.


Man of War II

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 2 NOV 1999 by Scott Parrino

Probably better than any sailing combat wargame released to date, Man of War II places the player into the wooden world of beautiful towering sails and grisly horrifying gun decks. Man of War II captures the beauty of the environment, plus the urgent dynamics of energy maneuverability and lethal firepower, and wraps all this into a beautiful package with many play options available to the player.


Age of Sail

PC GAME REVIEW posted on 1 JAN 1998 by Wargamer Staff

Age of Sail is a real-time naval combat strategy game set in the historical period of 1775 to 1820. You can just play scenarios of real life ship encounters or play a campaign game. TalonSoft gives you about 100 scenarios. You can also create your own scenarios. There is no land in this game, so making scenarios is as easy as selecting some ships from their huge database of ships and placing them on the ocean map. You can create your own ships or modify the ships they give you.