The Wargamer

25 June 2017

Battle HQ

Download the BattleHQ Client Software that allows you join other gamers and play games easily.

BattleHQ Client is software that allows users to gather and play games on the Internet. It is installed on a PC that is connected to the Internet or a LAN. Users can then access the BattleHQ Server.

Once connected to the server users can chat, create/enter rooms, launch games, etc. Below are just a few of BattleHQ's many features:

  • Users can engage in text based chat.
  • Rooms can be created.
  • BattleHQ supports any game that supports DirectPlay or Direct IP. Examples would be: Age of Kings, Half-Life and Medal of Honor.
  • Games are automatically launched and players are sent directly to the game's lobby.
  • Private messages can be sent between users.
  • Ignore users or ban them from your room.

Download the BattleHQ Client (Updated Feb 13, 2007)