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24 July 2017

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Steel Panthers: World at War : ENH-FR: Assoro Pt.-1

File Author : iskaput
File Added : 1 AUG 2010
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Location : South of Assoro, Sicily
Opponents : Canada vs German

Description :

__________Assoro Part 1**
_____Canadian Assault vs Germany*
______1800 Hrs, July 20 1943*
___________Turns - 8*
___________Size: Small**

____Designed for: Enhanced FR*
______Created by iskaput***
___Tested By: Huffy*
_____________trip 1509*


________Player Notes:**

This scenario is intended for play with all options on except C&C. and uses the following Player Preferences*
The human player has to play the Canadian side.**

Spotting - 75%*
Art-Soft - 120%*
Art-Arm - 120%*
Spec Op - 120%**
True Troop On/Rarity Off*
Auto Rally - Off*
Fast Artillery - Off**

July 9th, 1943 - The Invasion of Sicily.*
Initially, the Canadians met with little resistance. Despite shortages of transport, armour and artillery, not to mention choking dust, fleas, mosquitoes, scorpions, malaria and a chronic shortage of water, the advancing troops were to push North from the beaches at Pachina through central Sicily. In front of them, units of the Herman Goring Division had established rearguards, using the heights to deny the Canadians the roads heading East towards the Catania plain.**

The first serious test for the Canadians was to come at Assoro.*
The enemy was stationed atop a 3,600-ft. towering hill that stood above the advancing army. The Allied troops could not get near Assoro without being spotted by the Germans who occupied the village located West of the mountain. From that position, they could see all approaching intruders. The other side of the mountain was so steep that ascent on that side seemed, even to the Germans, inconceivable.**

As described by one of the Canadian Platoon leaders:*
"The Germans on the promontory remained unperturbed. They had little reason to be concerned, for it was obvious that a frontal attack up the tortuous and twisting roadway that climbed laboriously from the valley floor would be suicidal. To the East lay a waste of gullies and gorges one that ended at the foot of a nearly vertical rock face which soared almost a thousand feet to terminate at the ancient Norman castle crowning Assoro's summit,"**

We need a diversion.*
"We want Jerry to think that we're planning to attack Assoro from the South."*

As fast as you can, move your two Bren carriers along the highway towards Assoro until you draw fire. Then pull back even quicker.**

This is the first of a series of Scenarios that depict in some small way some of the battles involving the Canadian Army during Operation Husky.*
I hope you enjoy them.*


Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War - Volume II - THE CANADIANS IN ITALY 1943 - 1945*
Juno Beach Center Website*
Legion Magazine Website*

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