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24 July 2017

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Steel Panthers: Main Battle Tank : Grim Reapers

File Author : white rabbit
File Added : 31 AUG 2010
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Location : Finnish - Russian Front
Opponents : Finland vs Russia

Description :

Exerpt from a diary of a Finnish Special Ops Sniper, 2nd Special Jaeger Battalion:

"October 3rd, 2016, Northern Karelia

We arrived at our destination in early afternoon, and immediately received orders to move out as soon as the darkness falls.

The subsonic ammo was waiting here as promised, so we'll be going out with the supressed M.13's. And that'll be a drill we know all but too well: at first, take down the group leader of officer, then the radio, and just watch the rest shit themselves, helpless and alone in the dark, and pick'em off one by one...

I heard we're gonna have some kind of air support, but as usual those Air Force assholes aren't flying unless we take out the russian AA-guns and SAM's or whatever the Russkies have there first... Guess it would be too god damn much to ask from those flying fucks to risk THEIR lives... or their precious fucking fighters.

So all we really have as fire support is an 81mm mortar platoon from the Locals. Good thing our own FO-team came with us, those fucking Morties might even hit something...

On the brighter side: I heard the field kitchen here has coffee... where the Hell did they get REAL fucking COFFEE. Uh yeah! Almost makes this all this shit worth while...".

IN THIS SCENARIO you take control of elite Finnish sniperteam equipped with supressed sniper rifles and state-of-the-art electronic scopes. Infiltrate enemy lines in the cover of the night, look for intel and inflict as much havoc as possible.


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