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24 July 2017

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Combat Mission : Barbarossa to Berlin : Darsunikis

File Author : JLPinkme
File Added : 24 FEB 2012
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Location : along the Neman River in Central Lithuania
Opponents : Germans vs Soviets
Date :   1 JAN 1900

Description :

On 10 July 1944, the SS-Fallschirmjdger 500 Battalion
along with a regiment from the Gro_deutschland Division
was sent to relieve German forces trapped in Vilnius,
Lithuania. This Kampfgruppe parried a Soviet armoured
thrust on the city and stalled the Russian advance for
over two weeks, allowing the evacuation of the wounded
and the re-supply of the Vilnius defenders. The Battalion was finally withdrawn and sent to support
other sectors.

One such sector was the small village of Darsunikis,
along the Neman River, south of Kaunas.Later that July
this Battalion was sent as a 'fire brigade' to defend
this area. The Soviets at this point were simultaneously attacking Kaunas, and other points along the Neman, with the intent of reaching the Baltic, and separating Army Group North from Army Group Center.

In this scenario the Soviet objective is to take
Darsunikis, and cross the Neman and clear out all
Axis resistance.

The objective of the SS Battalion is to defend this
sector as long as possible, and prevent any river
Note: Map was found at the Scenario Depot II;
created by a 'MR.X'.

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