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Topic: I just love AutoHotKey

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16 SEP 2010 at 9:18am



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I've mentioned this in other places, but I have to say again.  Not since programmable peripherals showed up for gamers, have I come across a utility with as much value for gamers as this one.  Of course, its application goes beyond just gaming. Yesterday, I installed an old DOS program from 1994.  It has plenty of top/bottom and left/right scrolling lists.  The mouse is supported, but not the mouse wheel.  (So you either need to keyboard or click a button to advance each item.) Were there even mouse wheels back in 1994? Well, in just 10 minutes I had all these lists scrolling via the wheel by writing a short script.  You cannot imagine what a simple, but major improvement this is to the UI. Another example ... For almost ten years now, I have been working with Panther Games.  Since the first game, RDOA, I had requested the ability to set hot spots on the map bound to function keys so that you could easily jump back and forth.  After 10 years, there is no such feature.  After 2 days programming with AutoHotKey, I had the feature working generically for all three current games in the series.  Additionally, with just a little work I was able to make function key behavior compatible between HTTR and the two newer game COTA/BFTB such that going back and forth between them is totally transparent to the player. If you like to enhance your games and know some basic programming, I cannot say enough about this utility (free): [link]http://www.autohotkey.com/[/link]

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All Forums : [GAMES] : Computer Gaming > I just love AutoHotKey

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