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Topic: Does the Wargamer have relinks to the following articles?

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All Forums : [GAMES] : Computer Gaming > Does the Wargamer have relinks to the following articles?
16 JUN 2010 at 9:33pm



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Was trying to find these articles as linked in the Alamein review As listed below, The Wargamer has reviewed all of the previous Panzer Campaigns series, so I will not attempt to provide the level of details on play mechanics present in reviews such as Korsun 44.  [ul]
  • Panzer Campaigns 1: Smolensk    '41, by Joe Kussey & Greg Allen 
  • Panzer Campaigns 1: Smolensk '41 Grognard    discussion, by Joe Kussey & Greg Allen 
  • Panzer Campaigns 2: Normandy    '44, by Mike Dorn 
  • Panzer Campaigns 3: Kharkov    '42, by Peter Mitchell 
  • Panzer Campaigns 4: Tobruk    '41, by Jim Cobb 
  • Panzer    Campaigns 5: Bulge    '44, by Ciril Rozic
  • Panzer Campaigns 6: Korsun 44    by Al Berke
  • Panzer    Campaigns 7: Kursk 43 by Jim Cobb
  • Panzer Campaigns 8: Sicily 43    by Al Berke
  • Panzer Campaigns 9: Rzhev 42    by Al Berke
  • Panzer    Campaigns 10: Market Garden 44 by Marty Mckone [/ul]

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    16 JUN 2010 at 9:43pm



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    I'm somewhat sure those reviews exist on a database somewhere.  Part of our challenge has been migrating over several years of technology.  Many years ago each review was hard-coded into an HTML page and hung off a web server.  As technology evolved the styles of each of these pages evolved, and hundreds of page variants evolved with them.  Some with significant security flaws. As we grew into our latest version we attempted to import as much old content as possible without using manual copy + pasting of every page.  Inevitably, some got left behind. Without knowing the exact circumstances of those reviews I cannot definitively tell you why we don't have them readily available but it wouldn't surprise me to find that they were left behind due to an inability to import them with scripts.  All of those reviewers are highly respected and I regret you cannot access the reviews at present. Let me look into this and see what we can find. 

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    17 JUN 2010 at 4:02am



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    No need to hunt through the database. If you enter the URLs at the Wayback Machine you'll pull the articles up. I tried the first one and found multiple iterations from 2000 to 2008.         http://www.archive.org/web/web.php    

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    All Forums : [GAMES] : Computer Gaming > Does the Wargamer have relinks to the following articles?

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