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26 May 2017

Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword Released

Open-world RPG brings the era of firearms to age of swords and armor.

GONE GOLD posted on 3 MAY 2011 12:32pm by Scott Parrino

Paradox Interactive announced today the release of Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword, the latest expansion for their popular RPG title Mount & Blade. It is available on all major digital distribution networks for the price of $14.99. With Fire and Sword will not require Mount & Blade to run and is entirely stand-alone. Players can look forward to engaging in battle with weapons from previous Mount & Blade along with new ones such as firearms like muskets and pistols. The new expansion comes with new campaigns with multiple endings and new quests to explore the open-world setting. Additional features for With Fire and Sword include: -Enhanced siege mechanics with destructible walls. -New army and castle/town upgrades. -15 new multiplayer maps. -Multiple endings for the campaign. To view the trailer for the release click here.

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