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26 May 2017

Danger Alliance: Battles Gets Release Date

Tactical turn-based strategy game to come to iPad, iPhone and iPod this week.

GONE GOLD posted on 10 OCT 2011 8:19pm by Scott Parrino

TOME Studios announced today that they have settled on a release date for their upcoming tactical turn-based strategy game Danger Alliance: Battles. Coming to the App Store this week on October 12, 2011, Danger Alliance: Battles will be available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod (Touch version), with a Mac version coming soon.

Danger Alliance: Battles throws players on a 3D battlefield, with soldiers utilizing oversized weapons in a slightly cartoonish format. Don't let looks deceive you as Danger Alliance: Battles requires a tactical mind to overcome the AI or your human opponents via hotseat. Players must also utilize characters and their unique abilities for victory on the battlefield.

Danger Alliance: Battles will arrive with two game modes, 'Elimination' and 'Strategic Victory'. 'Elimination' is the straight-up destruction of the enemy squad, while 'Strategic Victory' requires the players to capture and hold points for victory.

Danger Alliance: Battles will hit the App Store for free as a "Lite" version, coming with just two battlefields. Those that spring for the full version will get more battlefields and more characters for their squads to use. For more information on Danger Alliance: Battles, click here for their official website.

Click here for the official gameplay trailer for Danger Alliance: Battles.

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