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26 May 2017

Command Ops: Highway to the Reich Releases New Screenshots

New pack of images show off upcoming expansion for wargame.

SCREENSHOTS FEATURE posted on 25 JAN 2012 8:35pm by Scott Parrino

Matrix Games, Slitherine, and Panther Games released today a new pack of screenshots for their upcoming expansion for the "real-time pauseable" World War II strategy game Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge titled Highway to the Reich. This will be the first expansion for the wargame, which will be focusing on the controversial Operation Market Garden.

To view the newly-released screenshots, click here.

Command Ops: Highway to the Reich is set to release later this month at the price of $24.99 for the digital download version and $34.99 for the physical version. Matrix Games and Slitherine would like to note that registered owners of the game will receive the strategy guide that came with the original Highway to the Reich game as a free download bonus from their Member's Club.

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For more information on Command Ops: Highway to the Reich, click here.

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