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26 May 2017

Battle of the Bulge Coming to iPad This Week

Coming to the iPad and iPad mini December 13.

GONE GOLD posted on 10 DEC 2012 2:25pm by The Wargamer

Shenandoah Studios announced today that their Kickstarter-founded project Battle of the Bulge will be releasing December 13, 2012, for the iPad and iPad mini. This will be their first major title for the tablet, conceived by award-winning game designer John Butterfield. 

Battle of the Bulge combines serious wargaming and simulations with the best designs practices and traditions of board wargaming to create a one of a kind iPad wargame. Players can play Battle of the Bulge against the AI, online against friends, or even face-to-face with one iPad. Utilizing Apple's GameCenter, players can play a turn in the turn-based game and send it off to their opponent, without the need for both players to be online at the same time.

Battle of the Bulge focuses around the battle of the same name, where the last desperate German offensive launches in December of 1944, piercing into Allied lines and creating a large bulge. The game itself features two scenarios: a short introduction that takes players through the opening days of the attack in a half hour, and a larger and longer campaign that captures the ebb and flow of battle. Players can control either the German or Allied side, each with their own important strategic choices that can lead to victory or defeat. The game also includes a tutorial, full rules list, and links to online forums to help new players or find matches, as well as historical commentary and day-to-day narratives that help capture the historical context of the battle.

Battle of the Bulge itself started out as a Kickstart project in May of 2012. More than 1,100 fans poured in their support, raising more than twice the money requested. With that demand and fundraising, Shenandoah Studio aims to create additional games using the same game engine and rules, starting with El Alamein in 2013. With veteran game design Eric Lee Smith, the team at Shenandoah Studios collectively bring more than 160 years of expertise to the company.

For more information on Battle of the Bulge and Shenandoah Studios, visit their official website here: LINK.

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