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26 May 2017

Breach and Clear Sneak Peek on Vine

Check out the game in action on Vine!

INDUSTRY NEWS posted on 21 MAY 2013 2:19pm by The Wargamer

Sometimes sneak peeks are in the forms of pictures, or a YouTube video, maybe even a sound bite. However this morning we got an email regarding revealing some content for the upcoming free-to-play tactical strategy game Breach & Clear, currently in development by Gun Media, Robert Bowling, and Mighty Rabbit Studios.

For those that don't know what Vine is, think of it a very short video that reveals highlights. Its an easy-to-use program that creates looping videos that can be quickly made and easy to release. Check it out from the link below:

Vine videos start out muted, so you can click the speaker in the upper left to bring in the sound.

Looking for more information on Breach & Clear? Check out our extensive press brief write-up here.

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