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26 May 2017

Distant Worlds: Shadows Teaser Released

Final teaser released before launch.

INDUSTRY NEWS posted on 22 MAY 2013 4:05pm by The Wargamer

Matrix Games released today their "Ultimate Teaser" for the upcoming Distant Worlds: Shadows, the third expansion in the Distant Worlds series, a 4X space strategy game. Check out the teaser below:


What is Distant Worlds: Shadows all about? The new expansion will add new gameplay to the Distant Worlds universe, and starts a new era in the timeline called the Age of Shadows.
In this timeline, planetary civilizations have not rediscovered hyperspace travel and factions of space pirates, using ancient technologies,  fight each other for survival and domination. These space pirates aim to hold back the rebirth of space empries from the first war against the Shakturi, all to proclaim themselves as the new ruling power of the galaxy. It is here where players will choose a side.
In Shadows, new gameplay aspects have been included, such as expanded ground combat with a full new ground combat tech tree, a ground combat resolution screen, and multiple troop types. There will also be ship and base boarding and capture abilities, opening the door for some unique strategies.
There are also new expanded tech trees for other aspects of combat and research: Gravitic Weapons, Tractor Beams, additional planetary facilities and more. 
This new expansion will also bring an updated and improved graphical engine, enhanced AI and comprehensive difficulty settings for a tougher experience. Modders will also get new possibilities to customize their game as well.
Distant Worlds: Shadows is an expansion, so you will need a copy of Distant Worlds and the first and second expansions Return of the Shakturi and Legends. For more information visit the official product page.

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