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26 May 2017

Preview Vid of Panzer Corps: Allied Corps Released

Game hitting the beaches on June 6.

INDUSTRY NEWS posted on 28 MAY 2013 3:47pm by The Wargamer

Slitherine, Flashback Games Studio, and the Lordz Games Studio released some additional information on their upcoming stand-alone, World War II turn-based strategy game Panzer Corps: Allied Corps in the form of videos from a beta tester on YouTube. The game itself, part of the Panzer Corps line, will be releasing on June 6, 2013.

The beta tester, YouTube user Steelwarrior77, was able to get some footage of the game in action, some of the units, missions, etc and more. Check out the video below:

Slitherine has pointed out that this is still beta footage, so there might be some last-minute changes from here to launch.

Panzer Corps: Allied Corps is stand-alone, and doesn't need any of the previous Panzer Corps games to play. Panzer Corps: Allied Corps will be the first time that players can play the vaunted campaign in Panzer Corps as the Allies, starting in the west African desert in command of the British 8th Army, moving to fight through Sicily and Italy, then onto Overlord and the end of the war on the Rhine and Berlin. The game will add more than 25 scenarios, 50 new regular and elite units, and modified versions of existing units to cover the entirety of the war from the Western Allied perspective.

For more information, visit the official product page on the Slitherine website. 

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