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26 May 2017

Drive on Moscow 2.0

Shenandoah to upgrade thgeir hit WW2 game

INDUSTRY NEWS posted on 22 JAN 2014 8:49am by Wargamer Administrator

It looks like the guys over at Shenandoah Studio have been listening hard to the feedback following the release of Drive on Moscow and are making changes based on that. This is what they have to say:


We’ve been hard at work on a major update to Drive on Moscow bringing the promised Universal version and a few new surprises. The update is nearing completion, and I wanted to share some more details. 


Here is what to expect in Drive on Moscow version 2.0:

Universal App: Drive on Moscow is now playable on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with a single purchase. 

New AI Opponents: Our team has been hard at work on new AI opponents that will provide a new challenge for experienced players. Using machine learning and Alpha-Beta pruning these AIs think deeply and will provide a new experience for veterans. The new AIs spend more time thinking, and that time shows in their decisions

Improved Online and Sharing Features: Community is key for us. That’s why we’ve added new features to help players share their victories. We’ve also added a one-week timeout to all online games to keep them flowing and competitive.


This update is nearly complete and should be coming in the near future. 


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