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26 May 2017

The first-ever Osprey videogame on the way?

Battleplan: American Civil War is coming according to blog

INDUSTRY NEWS posted on 6 JUN 2014 6:50am by Wargamer Administrator

Trawling around the web, as one does, I came across this post on the Osprey Publishing blog; a piece about Osprey venturing into the world of videogame publishing -



“The first-ever Osprey videogame is on the way - Battleplan: American Civil War is out this summer!

Over the last year a small team here at Osprey towers have been working with a team of military history enthusiasts (and Osprey fans) at The Mustard Corporation to create a videogame, our first ever foray into the videogaming market! Battleplan: American Civil War is a game for ipad and PC and as the title would suggest, focuses on the American Civil War.

The project's creative director at Mustard describes the game as "a new kind of strategic simulation game, where there's no resource management or micromanagement and the emphasis is squarely on brigade level decisions. It's a hybrid of sorts, part RTS, part turn-based strategy and part old-school tabletop wargame. We call it fastplay wargaming."

Osprey and Mustard have worked together to make each battle as historically accurate as possible - and we have made extensive use of the archival data Osprey has developed on the American Civil War over the years, from maps and birds-eye-views to our signature artwork.

There will be much more information coming out over the next few weeks, but in the meantime I will leave you with our 'sneak peek' trailer -


More information can be found at -

We shall keep our eyes open for more information, and see if we can get further news from Osprey.

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