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28 June 2017

IGG Launches Full Version of Galaxy Online 3

Developers of Castle Clash continue their Galaxy Online series with a mobile-exclusive sequel

PRESS RELEASE posted on 10 FEB 2015 6:59am by Wargamer Administrator

Fremont, CA - February 10, 2015- After completing the Beta-testing phase, global game developer and publisher IGG (I Got Games) released today the full version Galaxy Online 3. As the third title in the traditionally browser-based series, Galaxy Online 3 is developed for the Android platform, with plans to release the iOS version within the following few months.

The content doesn't stop there, however. Following the official release, IGG is planning on implementing additional Guild features like Resource Wars, where players choose sides and team up to occupy resource points in a massive battle for domination. Expertise skills will also be made customizable, giving more freedom to mold Captains just the way players want.

  • Build Killer Fleets - Embark on Missions to hunt down space pirates. Recover secret technology designs and use them build powerful ships of your own.
  • Custom Designed Ships - Design unique war ships down to the smallest detail.
  • Defend Your Base and Ravage Resources - Face off against other players in skirmishes for resource outposts, siege battles on enemy colonies, daily league matches, and weekly championship tournaments.
  • Bring the Federation to the Next Age - Discover groundbreaking technology to stay a step ahead of the competition.

About IGG
IGG is an internationally renowned game developer and publisher specializing in free-to-play browser and mobile games. Founded in 2006, IGG has achieved critical and commercial success with their hit titles Gods War Online, Galaxy Online 2, Texas Hold'em Poker, Wings of Destiny, Castle Clash, and Clash of Lords 2. IGG has recently developed and launched LINK, a social media app that connects people of all ages and interests based on their hobbies and passions.


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