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28 June 2017

Race for Space Ready to Take Off on iPad

Slitherine ask for iPad beta testers for Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager

PRESS RELEASE posted on 10 FEB 2015 7:28am by Wargamer Administrator

At the back end of 2014 Slitherine released their space program management game, Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager. You can read the review that was done for us by James Tanaleon here.

Now they are looking to port it onto the iPad and are asking for beta test volunteers. If you’re interested read their PR below …



We just started recruiting for the iPad Beta of Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager and you are all invited to help us!

After successfully launching on PC and Mac over the Christmas holiday season, Space Program Manager is almost ready to land on iTunes. We just need to put the finishing touches and we need your contribution to make it perfect.

What are you looking for? Join the beta from here!

The game features both a campaign and a sandbox mode. In campaign mode, you will be able to play as the Director of either NASA or the Soviet Space Agency in order to beat the other side to be the first on the Moon. You will be able to develop dozens of programs such as the X-15 and the PKA space planes, the Sputnik satellite, the Mercury, Voskhod, Apollo and Soyuz manned spacecraft and the Mars Viking probe. You are not limited to missions that did launch, as as the game also allows you to try out many concepts that were planned but that never left the drawing board.

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