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28 June 2017

Pike and Shot Tercio to Salvo announced

First expansion for Slitherine’s early modern game and a call for beta testers

PRESS RELEASE posted on 19 FEB 2015 6:27am by Wargamer Administrator regulars will by now know of my ongoing addiction to Slitherine’s Pike and Shot game, and may have even read Bill Gray’s effusive review (see it here) – indeed, some may well be heartily fed up of my enthusing. Tough – there is more to come …

It appears that Byzantine Games’ Richard Bodley Scott has been beavering away (as is his wont) and has already created a significant expansion to bridge the gap between the Italian Wars battles and the Thirty Years Wars battles that the game initially shipped with – oh, and some English Civil War ones as well of course.

I’ve already had a bit of a sneak preview of the new expansion, Tercio to Salvo, and can say that it looks to be a fine addition to what is already a favourite game of mine. Players may, or may not, be glad to know that Richard has continued his policy of selecting battles that are, mainly, a real bitch to win – some of the new ones will be testing even on the easiest difficulty setting.

As ever, we will bring you further news and a review as soon as we can.


The Slitherine announcement follows …


Europe, 1559

Even the end of the Great Italians Wars didn’t bring peace to the Old Continent. England, France and the Holy Roman Empire have to face the struggles between Catholics and Protestants while other nations are trying to forge their destiny through the power of their new armies, experimenting innovative solutions in the warfare. This is the peak of the Iron Century, which will lead directly to the Thirty Years War.

Pike and Shot Tercio to Salvo is an expansion of Pike and Shot, and it covers the years between 1560 and 1628, putting the players at the head of one of the numerous nations involved in the wars of religion that spread out all over Europe at that time.

It adds two new playable factions, Russia and the Dutch Republic49 new army lists with new unit graphics and 10 historical battles.

Now you’re invited to sign-up for the beta. As always, you can do that from the beta page.

Get more information on Pike and Shot Tercio to Salvo on its official PC product page.

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