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28 June 2017

Two Wargame Kickstarters

Two new wargames seek backing, check them out

PRESS RELEASE posted on 23 FEB 2015 6:19am by Wargamer Administrator

Despite the odd horror story Kickstarter remains a popular way of getting the funding to bring your new game to market. A regular trawl of the ‘net nearly always brings up a new offering and for your perusal we bring you two that caught our eye as of interest to our readers this week.


First up we have Call of Combat, a Real time strategy multiplayer war-game.

“Each player orders a squad of 4 soldiers through typical battlefields of World War 2. Players team up and engage combat in large organized battles. The most seasoned combatant of each team has the role of coordinating the team’s actions through the commanders interface, simultaneously serving as a tactical overview of the battle. It is through the leader’s strategic guidance and combined effort that victory is achieved!”

The game is at an early stage of development and a free demo is available from their Kickstarter page (here) so you can even have a look before you decide to commit any of your hard earned cash to the project. Target funding is €30,000 – take a look.


Secondly we have Old School Tactical, a hex based board wargame from veteran designer Mark h. Walker.

“Is Old School Tactical just another squad-level game? I don't think so, the huge, beautifully-detailed maps (30" x 41"), the impulse system, which makes gamers decide which units to activate because he (or she) can rarely activate them all, and the simple--attack factor minus defense factor equals firepower-- combat, give OST a unique flavor.”

This game looks to be well down the production line and if funded I would think is likely to be seen sooner rather than later – indeed they mention it going to the printers in April this year all being well. Target funding is $16,000 so have a peek.

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