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28 June 2017

Servers Maintenance

FORUM NEWS posted on 31 JAN 2014 by Valery Vidershpan

We are going to perform a server maintenance on Feb 3, 2014 at 7am - 8am EST. The, Slitherine forum and PBEM services will be unavailable for a short period of time, during the server reboot. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Hearts of Iron III Development News Now on Twitter

FORUM NEWS posted on 6 FEB 2009 by Scott Parrino

Paradox Interactive Director of Development Johan Andersson announced, in a post on the Hearts of Iron III forum, that the development of the game would now be regularly displayed on Twitter.


HistWar: Les Grognards by Christmas?

FORUM NEWS posted on 5 SEP 2007 by Scott Parrino

Napoleonic fans may see their favorite Corsican general and his grumblers on their PCs by Christmas.


Advanced Tactics October Release Likely

FORUM NEWS posted on 5 SEP 2007 by Scott Parrino

Advanced Tactics: World War II is likely to be published in October by Matrix Games.


Theatre of War Update Report Part 2

FORUM NEWS posted on 4 SEP 2007 by Scott Parrino

More information about the changes under consideration by the developers of Theatre of War have emerged.


Theatre of War Update Progress Report

FORUM NEWS posted on 30 AUG 2007 by Scott Parrino

Details about improvements to Battlefront's Threatre of War have been made available.


Gary Grigsby's World At War: A World Divided On Its Way

FORUM NEWS posted on 4 OCT 2006 by Scott Parrino

Joel Billings over on the Matrix Games forums has the latest word on this WWII grand strategy title.